Friday, April 28, 2017

One Great Reason To #climatemarch This Saturday ... Join the #resistance ... by gimleteye

Fingers crossed that @RealDonaldTrump will pay attention to millions of marchers and protesters of his climate change denial agenda, this Saturday. The Miami March is scheduled for 1PM at Jose Marti Park.

Nothing seems to penetrate Trump's fixed mind. As he retreats further and further into the walled-off White House, surrounded by plutocrats and swamp animals, it is going to take more and more Americans protesting to make an impression. That's why it is important for millions, not hundreds of thousands, to make the point tomorrow: climate change is real, the red lights are flashing now, and the Trump White House needs to act to protect our futures. (See, "How A Warming Climate Drives Human Migration", NY Times)

That's one great reason to march tomorrow. There are others:
NY Magazine writes: "Back before America was great again, energy companies would lobby the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent robust action on climate change. But in Donald Trump’s America, the head of the EPA is, more or less, the managing director of Big Energy’s public-sector branch — and, thus, the EPA lobbies the coal industry to oppose global climate-change agreements: "A coal mining industry group’s board of directors voted on Tuesday to press President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement — just one day after EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt met with the group’s leadership and urged them to push the issue, two sources told Politico. Pruitt personally attended a meeting of the National Mining Association’s executive committee on Monday to lay out his concerns with the Paris accord, and called for the group to publicly support pulling out, according to one source.

Here is another:
"Sean Becketti, the chief economist at Freddie Mac, warned in a report last year of a housing crisis for coastal areas more severe than the Great Recession, one that could spread through banks, insurers and other industries. And, unlike the recession, there’s no hope of a bounce back in property values." ("The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners", Bloomberg)

We're not making any of this up. Not FAKE news. Everything we take for granted in our daily lives will be upended by climate change, and the longer we delay implementing a clear vision and policies to pragmatically steer civilization away from catastrophe, the more painful the impacts will be. Make no mistake: those in control of the Trump White House are locking down THEIR privileges and priorities, not YOURS.

For further reading in The Nation: "The Policy Weapon Climate Activists Need". Tomorrow's march is a means to an end: putting voters back in control of democracy. On that front, too, we have a long, long road ahead.


Anonymous said...

At this point its time to prepare a plan to save the accumulated knowledge of man kind. Waiting till the power goes off, chaos ensues and centralized systems collapse is waiting too late. We will be burning carbon up until and beyond the chaos ensues in the climate.
This is the agenda now, climate change will occur, the lag is giving us to time to ensure that future generations are not lost on what we have learned. And build on our mistakes and successes. By the time it comes clear that knowledge is going to be lost it will be too late to do anything about it.
This is the new movement to join.

Geniusofdespair said...

Good movement. I think we should save all the Star Trek Series, the Bible, a set of encyclopedias and all the music we have. That is it.

Anonymous said...

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As of December 2007, two more recent prototypes are on display at The Long Now Museum & Store at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

In the USA people often don't think about the prospects of lost cities, or even civilizations. We almost lost New Orleans, but that is about it. With Global Climate Change we are about to loose many, many more and most likely too quick for anyone to do anything about it. How will we deal with that? If our elites refuse or even won't plan for it then how do we as citizens and activists devise a plan? If the top of Greenland slides off, or the winter disappears and the Gulf Stream stops, cold. What do we do for the generations left. How do we convey to them our medical knowledge? Our scientific findings. How do we convince them that its not that everybody was wrong only a few in power that refused to listen and the rest of us are planning for this with You (future generations) in mind? Was everybody on board with cutting down the last tree on Easter Island? Why do we think that they were all so stupid when it was just one dictator in power and HIS special interests that surrounded him.
That is the best gift that activists can do at this point.
Perhaps the clock, if its not melted down because someone needed to repair their broken scooter or make another gun to protect their tribe is the best option.
We can do this now, while the power is still on, while we have time to plan.