Wednesday, March 22, 2017

All Red States are Not Actually Inhabited by Stupid People - Even Though Living in Kansas Would Not Inspire Me. By Geniusofdespair

This map I made based on Washington Post 2015 data shocked me.

Alaska 37
 I just assumed that historically Blue State were comprised of smarter people. (This red blue map is not this election - as we all should know). Apparently I am wrong. The red states are not all stupid.

I put the Washington Post findings on a blue-red map, to see how my theory worked about stupid people,  it didn't hold water. Look at pathetic Florida. How embarrassing.

50 states ranked by intelligence scores

The Washington Post ventured to rank each state based on intelligence. Specifically, the rankings were determined by IQ, 2015 SAT scores, 2015ACT scores and the percentage of college graduates in the state (you can see where all that data came from here.)

Using those factors, Massachusetts came in as the smartest state; Hawaii the dumbest.


Anonymous said...

If its not the intelligence thing, well then there must be something in the water. Or the cool aid.

The thing about intelligence, the French have a saying:

Idiot savant.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is not intelligence that is the exact criteria, but rather ignorance of facts and science that are manipulated by politicians, lobbyists and businesses. They are good at changing the rhetoric to promote their point of view even if it is false. Issues like climate change, sea level rise, coal, oil, fracking, pipelines, air and water quality are somehow cast as not the issue, it is instead promoted as over regulation, bad for the economy and false science that will create job loss. Just the opposite is true, but their wordsmiths and minions repeating the same false issues over and over seems to work on enough of the voters to keep them in power to promote the false rhetoric that is really hurting our quality of life.

Barbara Falsey said...

wow -- I sometimes defend Florida from northeasters who are simply snotty about Florida -- and Miami in particular. I like it here! I know lots of smart and progressive people but I think I just lost the argument.

Anonymous said...

I am just glad Florida is not last on the list.

Cirze said...

So much for North Carolina's vaunted university system and Research Triangle Park (not to mention the Triad!).

Looks like we're back to just being "the Carolinas."

Anonymous said...

Many of the scores are screwed by immigrants in culturally biased tests

Anonymous said...

The vote showed only 23% of Americans were stupid enough, angry enough to fall for a fraud and be swept away by ridiculously nasty twitter and Facebook feeds. Over 45% didn't participate.

It's really a testament to who is thoughtful and empathetic and who thinks they are victimized by nameless other people. Self hatred turns outward into throwing a vote away.

Anonymous said...

The warmer, southern states seem to score the lowest. Perhaps more time is spent outside, as opposed to curling up with a book by a fireplace during the long winter months?

Anonymous said...

Any state that would elect Scott two times has to be very dumb.