Thursday, March 23, 2017

Five Easy Steps: #Resist on Facebook ... by gimleteye

It takes five min. on Facebook to understand 1) how Trump-friendly pages are linked like ropes of a net, and 2) that they are manufactured and comment section populated by trolls, bots, and writers organized in boiler rooms in Lithuania, Mumbia, Moscow or just under-employed Americans with an internet connection.

On Facebook, Trump-friendly pages spread like germs. Many look to be created by the same template passed around like a virtual hypodermic needle in a heroin crash house.

A quick exploration in the FB commenters' section of a Trump-Friendly FB page shows that many of the commenters have barely concealed, fictional identities too. They are not real, but these fictions have a real purpose especially with voters inclined to get their information from Facebook and other right-wing sources.

Here is a list of just a few of the Facebook pages that post to the mothership, "Trump Friends".

World political community
Conservative today
United States Daily Politics
News from politics
The Times Of America
Team Donald Trump
The Science of Mind With Political Turning Point
The Daily Watcher
Liberty Writers
Never Again Canada
Fox & Friends
I Believe the Jesus Path
Donald Trump United Fans
Modern Life News

There are hundreds more. The unifying theme of the network is Trump, Christianity, Violence, and Fear. What is the purpose of creating a network of so many pages?

Fishermen use chum -- ground up bait thrown into the water behind their boats -- to attract fish. These pages are click bait.

The network has another feature, asking readers to vote "yes" or "no" on Trump-friendly questions. What click bait does is aggregate sympathetic FB users whose preferences can then be sorted for other message-driven political activities by data mining and artificial intelligence.

Trump-friendly FB pages are like strands woven together to form a net; a drift net catching mullet. The mullet would be voters charged up by biased media commandeered by the extreme right.

So here is one way you can push back in five easy steps.

1) Log onto Facebook.

2) "Like" Trump Friends page on Facebook or any open pages listed above. (You can try to join "closed" Trump pages, but these are more closely monitored and your invitation may not last long.)

3) Find a news story from a non-firewalled source like Reuters that captures the Trump centipede of deception, lies, fraud, etc. Don't worry: there are exactly ZERO days that Trump has not been a national embarrassment, so you won't go far before tripping over a good story to share.

4) Click and "copy" the URL (internet address) in the search bar.

5) Return to the Facebook Trump-friendly page and in the comment section, click on "paste". Click, 'return' key to finish.

What you have just done is a small step, but an important one: you have seeded fake news Facebook pages with truth and fact.

The point isn't to deter the teams of social media marketers in boiler rooms, using Facebook to advance extreme right causes. The point is to share this method with as many of your friends as possible and to build an opposition movement on social media like Facebook to push back against the gut-level reflexes that are twisting democracy into an unrecognizable shape.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for thinking how to re-humanize FB due to the bot deception and onslaught. They have gamed the system to the point that it's just noise.