Thursday, January 05, 2017

Tweeter in Chief: Making Policy with 140 characters. By Geniusofdespair

This is so dangerous, really.

Good luck with policy formulation on twitter. I guess if you use the word "braggadocious" you can use up those 140 characters pretty quickly (139)

It was reported today that the Chinese are wanting the President-to-be to ditch Twitter. Xinhua, China’s most influential state-run news outlet, published a scathing rebuke of Trump’s “Twitter diplomacy,” saying his obsession with the social media site was “undesirable."  Clearly!!! They have about a billion more people than we do and probably own most of our assets. Do we really need to bait them?

Interesting to see what he has retweeted when lost for words.


Blurring the line between celebrity and politics, Trump named a reality star from his Apprentice show for a job in the White House focusing on public engagement. The Apprentice bad girl (boosted ratings, boasted Trump after her stint on the show) Omarosa Manigault, worked during his campaign in African American outreach.

Found on Trump's Twitter feed from January 2nd (surprised he didn't remove it):


Gayle Ryan said...

I have many more memes from my fiend Robert P. on Facebook if you want to see them...but Im sure he is sending them to you .....laughing out loud

Anonymous said...

You know if Obamacare is eliminated and people have no way to go, they may eventually die due for lack of healthcare. Their vote for Trump was actually a vote for their own deaths. Imagine that. People who actually voted for themselves to die!

Anonymous said...

The problem was they saw no relationship between voting and their living or dying. It is difficult to understand given that Trump did not mince any words. He made it very clear that if elected, he would be eliminating ACA. Now he is ready to eliminate it, and his supporters are facing death.