Monday, November 07, 2016

Last 3 days of early voting by the numbers and in photos. by Geniusofdespair

I wanted to see if "Souls to the Polls" made a difference. It looks like we had a surge everywhere in Miami Dade County. Almost half a million people voted early in Miami Dade County. Elections: You need to make arrangements for parking. That was a nightmare almost everywhere I went.

I did a picture gallery of early voting around the County:

Ana Hochkammer at Pinecrest Library

Unfortunate place for a judge candidate to stand, during early voting at West Dade Library.
State Senate Candidate Javier Jose Rodriguez at Coral Gables Library where 2,2776 people voted.

Yes that is the actual Candidate not a cardboard cut-out - Erica Watts -  behind her sign at the Palmetto Bay Library.
David Zisman Running in Palmetto Bay at the library where 1,101 people voted.
Pinecrest Village Council Incumbent James McDonald at Pinecrest Library

Michael Callahan Candidate for Cutler Bay Town Council at Palmetto Bay Library.

Nelson Diaz Head of the Miami Dade pubs getting ready to introduce Marco Rubio at West Dade Library.
Aventura Library Voting
Doc Solomon running for State Rep against Mike Bileca at Coral Reef Library
This was Trump Land -  Voters West Dade Library. Rubio was holding a rally here.

The line was about an hour at the West Dade Library. I have never been here. Westchester?

Homestead Library Parking Lot as voting winds down.

Aventura Library Parking
West Dade Library parking was unmanageable. I had to park on a sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are great pictures! Parking was really bad at some places. It was good that the local candidates were out there talking to voters. And there were long lines in some places. Thanks for sharing those with us.

Anonymous said...

Note lack of turnout at Carrie Meeks. Most days a cop car was parked at the entrance to the polling place. Supposedly cop was parking there only while he roamed the neighboring Park but insisted on parking in same spot despite request from Elections Clerk not to park at entrance.

The next lowest location has 2.38 TIME GREATER turnout.

The FOP voted over 2/3 to support Trump, thus the endorsement.

Thus these are probably freelancing cop Trump supporters.

Anonymous said...

People can somewhat plan their election day experience by looking at their voter registration cards and getting their precinct numbers. Once you have that number, go to the Elections Department website, look up your precinct, and see how many voters are in it. Because of early voting and mail in voting, that number should be less, but that is an x or unknown number.

If your precinct is 051 (Key Biscayne Community Center), there are 6,583 voters assigned to that precinct. Or if your precinct is 100 (111 Bldg), there are 6,175 voters assigned to that precinct. Also there are two big precincts assigned to one location (701 and 764) Bowman Ashel Doolin Academy k-8. Combined there are 7,707 voters assigned to this one site. If you are in one of these precincts you need to get in line before they open up.

Beyond these huge ones, there are 4 precincts with between 4,000-4,999 voters in them and 65 precincts with between 3,000-3,999 voters in them. Again, get there as soon as possible. In the last presidential election people were still voting at 1 and 2 am the morning of the next day!

Anonymous said...

No wonder you were tired . You were all over the place.