Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Eye On Miami Recommendations 2016: Vote Early In Miami-Dade ... by gimleteye

A long ballot means long lines, so read the ballot before voting, vote early if you can, and consider some local races and issues we have followed.

The most important races: President and US Senate. Yes, to Hillary Clinton and Patrick Murphy. No, to Trump and Marco Rubio, who won only 15% of the GOP presidential primary vote in Florida.

Yes, to State Senate: Jose Javier Rodriguez, Phillip Brutus, and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

No, to Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

No, to retaining Florida Supreme Court justices who should never have approved utility-funded Amendment 1.

Don't forget: "Amendment 1 Blocks The Sun". Vote NO.

President: Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senate: Patrick Murphy

U.S. Representative in Congress

District 27: Scott Fuhrman

Florida Senate
District 37: Jose Javier Rodriguez*
District 38: Phillip Brutus
District 39: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Jose Javier Rodriguez: Clear Choice for Senate District 37

Heroic politicians stand up for what's right. Effective politicians get things done. Jose Javier Rodriguez does both.

4Bullsugar.org endorses Jose Javier Rodriguez for FL State Senate

When the Florida House passed legislation this year that experts called dangerous to Florida's water supply, only two representatives opposed it. Jose Javier Rodriguez was one of them. Now Rodriguez is running for Florida's Senate (District 37), where that same bill (SB 552) passed unanimously. Our government needs courage and leadership like his, and we enthusiastically endorse Jose Javier Rodriguez in this race.

Rodriguez has been consistent and principled in his support for clean water, unafraid to oppose done deals like this year's fracking bill (HB 191), which passed the House for the third year in a row. Last April, when the rock mining industry wanted to slash its payments against potential cleanup efforts, the Florida legislature obliged. Rodriguez was again one of few hold-outs, telling the Miami Herald, "I don’t see why a change is needed in a policy that could potentially protect our water supply."

This spring, Rodriguez' was one of the loudest and clearest voices on Turkey Point's lax oversight and poor safety record. "For years our state regulators have failed to take seriously the threat to our public safety, to our drinking water, and to our environment posed by FP&L’s actions at Turkey Point. Evidence revealed this week of radioactive material in Biscayne Bay is the last straw and I join those calling on the US EPA to step in and do what our state regulators have so far refused to do: protect the public."

Rodriguez was just as direct in calling out the state government's refusal to take real action on Everglades restoration, stating plainly what too few of his colleagues have the guts to say publicly: that Florida lawmakers defied voters by blatantly failing to implement Amendment 1 and begin meaningful work to fix Florida's broken plumbing. The biggest hurdle, Rodriguez said, was convincing the Republican-controlled Legislature to agree to buy land, a step that scientists have almost unanimously called the most important in the effort to solve South Florida's water crisis.

Rodriguez has been a steady advocate for transparent, scientific water management policies and was an early signer of the Now Or Neverglades Declaration.

Florida, and especially our waterways, deserve a champion. Rodriguez has demonstrated the will and ability to fight to secure our precious natural resources for future generations. Jose Javier Rodriguez has been heroic and effective in the Florida House, and he can be a powerful leader in the Senate. Bullsugar.org urges voters in the 37th District to elect Jose Javier Rodriguez.

Florida House
District 114: Daisy J. Baez
District 118: Robert Asencio

Miami-Dade Mayor: Raquel Regalado

Circuit Court
Group 34: Mark Blumstein
Group 52: Carol "Jodie" Breece

County Clerk of Court: Harvey Ruvin

School Board
District 1: Wilbert T. "Tee" Holloway
District 6: Modesto "Mo" Abety

Florida Justice of the Supreme Court
Retain in office: No, to all

District Court of Appeal: Yes, to all

Constitutional Amendments
No. 1: No
No. 2: Yes
No. 3: Yes
No. 5: Yes

Miami-Dade County
Special purpose districts: No
Public records: Yes

Dade Heritage Trust: Yes
Runoff election: Yes
Civilian Investigative Panel: Yes
City charter lawsuits: Yes

Miami Beach
Landscape architects: Yes
Lobbyist requirements: Yes

Coral Gables
Trial board: No
Commissioner incapacity: Yes
Vice mayor: Yes
Commissioner removal: No

Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor
Erica Watts

Vice Mayor election: Yes
Vice Mayor role: Yes
Council Vacancy: Yes

James McDonald
Anna Hochkammer


Anonymous said...

OK, here is an update. As of the close of early voting Nov. 1, there were 270,112 early votes. There were also 240,954 returned mail in ballots, or 60.07% return rate of ballots mailed out. So when early voting and mail-in ballots are combined, 511,066 people have already voted. There are 1,332,123 registered voters in Miami Dade County. That means 38.4% of the registered voters have already voted. If we assume that the expected turnout rate of registered voters 75% or 997,592 voters, then we have reached and exceeded the halfway point, with 51.2% of voters who are expected to vote, having already voted.

We still have until Nov. 6th for early voting. West Dade Regional stands alone in producing early voters, with 17,267 votes so far. Coral Gables comes in 2nd with 15,375 votes; followed by John Kennedy in Hialeah (15,165); and North Miami (13,718).

many faced god said...

Why change the City of Miami's runoff date?

Anonymous said...

Well since you didn't mention Cutler Bay, I will. Sue Loyzelle is a puppet of Jose Castillo, don't vote for her unless you want more development on Old Cutler Road. Better an unknown, not linked to lobbyists, then someone who is. Vote for Javier Giraud.

For district two go with Chuck Barrentine. Why? Because Callahan is friends with several Castillo loyalists and it won't be long before he's one of them.

So Cutler Bay, when at the polls, vote Barrentine and Giraud.

Anonymous said...

With early voting over now, we look to Election Day. People need to go early in the morning and get it over with. It should run smoothly.

There were 475,867 early votes, and 287,224 mail in votes (69.9% return rate). Combined 763,091 people or 59.4% of the registered voters have already voted. If we subtracted the number of people who have already voted 763,091 from the number of registered voters 1,383,852, then for Election Day, only 620,761 people could vote on Election Day. That would be a 100% turnout rate, and we know that won't ever happen. So if our goal is 75 turnout, we are almost there.

In terms of the early voting sites, West Dade Regional was number one with 29,004 votes, followed by John F. Kennedy Library (26,778), Coral Gables (26,321), Miami Lakes (24,375), and North Miami (24,348)

The FBI saga of the last nine days hit her pretty hard in the stomach, but she withstood it all and kept pushing. Just the kind of tough character we need in a President. Go out and vote for Hillary! Let's make history!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about the race for the Midtown Community Development District Board? Grant Stern is running.

Anonymous said...

John DuBois has taken thousands from Wayne Rosen in his campaign against Brian Pariser. Wait until after the election when John DuBois delivers for Rosen.

Anonymous said...

Palmetto Bay's Karyn Cunningham has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Wayne Rosen. Do ya think the fix for Rosen is not in? You betcha!