Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Election: The Three Races Most Important to Me. By Geniusofdespair

The Presidential race.
The Miami Dade County Mayor's race.
State of Florida Senate District 38. 

Why you should care about District 38, even if you don't live within the district, because we have a crazy Democrat - Daphne Campbell - that votes with Republicans and she will win if you don't help her rival NPA candidate Phillip Brutus (DONATE TO PHILLIP BRUTUS ON THIS LINK AFTER YOU READ BELOW):

A picture is worth a thousand words....This is Daphne Campbell's Democratic Primary Victory Party and She is with the head of the Republican Party

Daphne Campbell votes ANTI GAY:  (note Daphne Campbell is the only Democrat on this list of 27 sponsors)

HB 43 - Churches or Religious Organizations
General Bill by Plakon and Cortes, B. (CO-SPONSORS) Adkins; Ahern; Albritton; Artiles; Baxley; Bileca; Broxson; Campbell; Costello; Drake; Eisnaugle; Fant; Gonzalez; Harrison; Hill; Mayfield; Metz; Moraitis; O'Toole; Renner; Rodrigues, R.; Stone; Sullivan; Van Zant; Wood
Churches or Religious Organizations: Provides that churches or religious organizations, related organizations, or certain individuals may not be required to solemnize any marriage or provide services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges for related purposes if such action would violate sincerely held religious belief; prohibits certain legal actions, penalties, or governmental sanctions against such individuals or entities.
Effective Date: July 1, 2016
Last Event: Chapter No. 2016-50 on Thursday, March 10, 2016 6:40 PM

Floor Speech on April 27, 2011 by Florida State Rep. Daphne Campbell

I support this bill because it rightly allows the people of Florida to decide whether or not they want to have their hard-earned taxpayer dollars used to pay for abortions. If abortion is truly a private matter between a woman and her doctor and the government should not be involved as pro-choice legislators say, then the government should not be involved in paying for abortions, either. Regardless of your position on abortion, the Pew Research Center states that approximately 70% of ALL Americans, pro-choice and pro-life, are opposed to having their hard-earned taxpayer dollars used to pay for abortions. This is a matter of fairness and democracy.


Then she quoted a bunch of bible passages.
Here is video about her Medicaid Fraud:


New fraud trial for Daphne Campbell's son prompts outburst on House floor

By Marc Caputo and Matt Dixon

02/10/16 10:22 PM EST

TALLAHASSEE — An appeals court on Wednesday ordered a new Medicaid fraud trial for the son of state Rep. Daphne Campbell after determining a judge didn’t allow the jury that convicted him to deliberate properly.

Gregory Campbell was convicted on multiple Medicaid fraud charges in 2013, sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay $460,893.58 in restitution stemming from an Internal Revenue Service investigation into his mother, a Democrat from North Miami who was never criminally charged and always maintained her innocence.

When she learned her son’s appeal had succeeded, Campbell was so overjoyed that she started yelling that her son had been “exonerated” and praised Jesus so loudly on the floor of the state House of Representatives that proceedings were stopped briefly.

She could also be heard yelling “my Jesus, it was one vote. They did this to me, it was one vote. I am vindicated.”

Other lawmakers said her fellow Miami state Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Republican and former prosecutor, informed Campbell her son had not been cleared, but that the Third District Court of Appeal had simply reversed the charges and remanded the case back to the Miami-Dade County court for a new trial.
Trujillo did not return calls seeking comment.

Campbell continued to praise God and was escorted from the floor. She is running for state Senate against Democratic Sen. Gwen Margolis in the newly drawn Senate District 38.

Her explosion of emotion came as the House was debating a $1 billion tax cut package, one of its top priorities.


Anonymous said...

In the Miami-Dade County race, I fear Regalado has given the race to the Gimenez. I saw her on TV saying she was not supporting Clinton, she said that people would vote for her because of her record, that being a woman was not important, and she would not be a part of the year of the woman. In her little mind, since it was a non-partisan race, she would stand alone, and win. These statements clearly reveal she knows nothing about life, the nature of political power, and is not ready for prime time as head of Miami-Dade County.

In life, doors open and close. Because they only stay open a short period of time, you have to run in them right away before they close. Once they close, they NEVER open again. New doors will open and close, but the previous ones NEVER open again. She has a once in a lifetime opportunity, the door is now open, everything is aligned, but if she can't see it, the door will close. It may already be too late to undo somethings. Once she loses, she won't ever have this opportunity again. She may run again, but will be an also-ran.

A tremendous level of effort is required to win the role of the Mayor of Miami- Dade County. The encumbent has enormous power. The only power that can overcome it is the Clinton machine and all the power that is behind it. It is the only political machine operative in this election that can impact the mayor's race, one way or another. It would take her decades of work and relationships to get the support of all of these Democratic, Republican, and Indepent groups supporting Clinton But, if she identifies with Clinton, women voters, and the year of the woman, she could simply ride in on her coattails. Without that kind of superpower at the polls, Gimenez easily wins. You cannot be arrogant and win elections. It is about being humble and listening to others. If she can't see it, she is not capable of being Mayor.

Geniusofdespair said...

Too many doors opening and closing in your comment.

Anonymous said...

"Without that kind of superpower at the polls, Gimenez easily wins.

Actually Mr. Frederick, who antied up $3000 (of which $1800 was for the Election's Dept registration) got 22,500 votes and he didn't ride any coat-tails or pander. Raquel earned the second place and a runoff, thank God because of Mr. Frederick and Mr. Santamaria's (22,500).

As far as Ms. Regalado, every time she posed the problem and a solution, Mayor Gimenez jumped into action. She's now quite powerful driving the bus from the back seat.

"You cannot be arrogant and win elections. It is about being humble and listening to others."
Did you watch any of Governor Scott's campaign? Show me the humbleness, show me the listening in to others. It was attack, attack, attack.

Anonymous said...

To everyday people it appeared to be appeared to be attack, attack, attack. But in the Governorship race it was MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

DMD said...

It is always MONEY, MONEY, MONEY in politics !!!! DMD

Anonymous said...

My point exactly. Do you simply get on the enormous Clinton money machine that contains many varied interests in our community that is going to win and ride into the mayorship on that machine, or do you stand alone with whatever you can raise against an opponent with vast financial resources, and tons of people financially dependent on him staying in office? Be humble and get on the Clinton money machine before it too late.