Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A matter of net worth: Republicans should vote for Democrats ... by gimleteye

This November, a vote for Donald Trump and Republican candidates like Marco Rubio is a vote for chaos.

Political chaos is terrible for markets. The net worth of voters and taxpayers depend upon on stability and predictability. A contrarian -- one willing to risk chaos -- by voting for Trump is not a patriot: he or she is betting they will do better in a world turned upside down with oligarchs at the helm of public policy.

Donald Trump runs his businesses by breaking contracts. He calls that, "flexibility". If you think the world is unstable today, imagine a contract-breaker addressing threats to national security by a Vladimir Putin or sn aggressive, nationalistic China.

Put someone like Donald Trump in the White House and you might as well just empty out your wallets. Once Donald Trump is through being "flexible" with democracy, it is going to take every cent of Americans to put stability back together again.

Donald Trump has eviscerated the Republican Party and its candidates in ways that were, frankly, impossible for Democrats to even imagine eight years ago when Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell pledged to obstruct Barack Obama at every turn.

McConnell assured his colleagues they would save the nation, and eight years later their party produced a candidate to succeed Obama whose campaign executives and advisors include an unguided missile who continues to hang on at the campaign edge, a manager who got very rich cozying up to Putin-friendly oligarchs in the Ukraine, a manager who votes from a district and a state where he doesn't even live, and a media titan whose power grew out of sexual coercion.

Businesses claimed as hu-uuge successes by Trump bear the marks of failure. Trump University. Trump Casino. Trump Institute.

Trump isn't a business success story, but he has taken down the GOP.

Trump single-handedly pulled up the principles of the Republican Party by its roots and transplanted them into his own Trump-brand container.

It is not funny. It demands redress by conservatives who allowed the GOP to become so hollowed out by platitudes, demagoguery, and false values that a Donald Trump flowed in, to fill the vacuum.

This election cycle should be a purge because GOP candidates for public office -- exemplified by the ascendency of Trump over the standard bearers -- have literally put the net worth of all Americans at risk. Vote to protect bank account and savings. This November, Republicans should vote Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Today at 1pm everyone should tune into Senator Bob Graham on Topical Currents WLRN to hear about the suppressed 28 page conclusion of the 9/11 commission report. Royal family and government of Saudi Arabia were behind the attacks and the wars we waged were knowingly off target.

Anonymous said...

Other than wanting immigrants to go back to their home countries and racism, I don't know why anyone would vote for Trump. He hasn't revealed yet how he is going to produce jobs. He has by himself destroyed the republican party. Will we allow him to destroy this country too? The New York Times says he is in deep debt - $650 million. He owes the Bank of China and tons of others. I would like a see a breakdown of all the foreign governments he owes. Does he owe Russia money too? The economy is already slowing down. Technology and computers are already replacing many jobs (Walmart-7,000 jobs; Bank of America -8,000 jobs; Cisco 14,000 jobs), and the list goes on. No one knows the coming impact of Brexit. Lots of uncertainty already out there. With Trump in the mix we go into a recession, and maybe even a depression. What is the price tag of sending immigrants back? Loss of them producing in the economy? What is the cost of 'boots on the ground' (money and human lives) for all the military conflicts he will get mad, and get us in?

People are stupid, they vote against themselves. I am getting ready to protect myself from as much of the chaos as possible just in case he becomes president.

Anonymous said...

honestly why would a republican listen to you? this site is one shade of pink from being all out Chavez and Castro. It's not as if you would ever vote for republican anyway. that being said, there are plenty of reasons not to vote for Trump. For a republican the best reason would be that quite frankly, trump isn't a republican. Gary Johnson and William Weld are the closest things to true Republicans in the race. As for Hill, I considered her long and hard...almost was willing to pull the lever for her. Unfortunately, she is what she is. Never has our Republic seen such a craven opportunistic partnership than Bill and Hill. Maybe it's sexism but when Bill did it, he seemed to be giving you a knowing wink. Hill does it and is shocked, SHOCKED that you would think that anything she did was for personal gain. Sorry. Going Libertarian

Anonymous said...

"Vote to protect bank account and savings. This November, Republicans should vote Democrat."

I agree, but.

This is quite revealing, in other country's the appeal might be to support old nation symbolism and or common humanity.

Here it comes down to not even making, but in the end preserving the money appeal!
Could this be the gasps of (*#%$*&@)-capitalism? ( insert your own expletive )

I get uneasy flash backs to the end of communism, AKA state capitalism.
Those that understand the present state of western monetization will understand my concerns.

Anonymous said...

If you go to one of the two outlier candidates, that means you won't count in the real bottom line, and others will have to make the hard decisions about who will run the country. It is like when the situation gets really tough, and the country really needed you, you walked away and left the heavy-lifting to others. Life is full of tough choices, but to survive, you have to make them.

Anonymous said...

Common humanity? This is a state that voted for Scott TWO times. Values in the state of FL are way off. Trying to figure out how to get into their heads is difficult. However, they do have a vague generalized understanding about money in their pocketbooks.

On voting for the insignificant presidential candidates, many people when confronted with what they perceive as difficult decisions, fold up like tents. It is the way they deal with difficulties in their day-to-day lives.