Friday, September 02, 2016

Daphne Campbell is Not a REAL Democrat even though she ran as one and WON the State Senate Primary for District 38! By Geniusofdespair

This is a picture of Daphne Campbell at her victory party for winning the Democratic slot for State Senate in District 38.  She is with Republican Chair Nelson Diaz. Nuff said? She is not really a Democrat she is DINO (Democrat in name only) and does not share Democratic ideals. She votes with Republicans.  How did she manage to win?

There were too many Democrats in the race and that gave Daphne Campbell the edge with the super voters -- many Haitians. I blame Michael Gongora for her win, he joined the race on the last day of qualifying.

Luckily there is another choice in the General Election: Phillip Brutus, who is a real Democrat but strategically looked at the race and at the last moment switched from Democrat to no party affiliation. Looks like that was a brilliant decision.

Here is a little taste of Daphne, ugh and scary:

I mean really, to see Daphne Campbell celebrate the Democratic victory with the Republican Chair, how wrong is that? Democrats should be furious. Although I put the map up yesterday, here it is again.  If you live in this district --- do not just go down the ticket marking Democrats. Phillip Brutus had to register as a NPA (no party affiliation) so he could get to the general election in November.  Give him money...he needs it.


Anonymous said...

Blame idiotic Haitians (not all of them, just the idiots) for voting based strictly on where someone was born. Gongora and Pizzo splitting votes din't help either.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so with 24 Years, she arrives here as a nurse, and then proceeds to open and run nursing homes. This after having been born in the poorest part of Haiti! Really? so who was the bag man then? I mean the money had to come from some where? I remember well over 10 % interest back then.

The thing that never fails to amaze me, is how exploitative a small percentage of Haitian's can bee, in a see of squalor, on the island, and here.