Thursday, September 01, 2016

State Senate District 38: Phillip Brutus Made a Strategic Gamble that Paid Off. By Geniusofdespair

Attorney Phillip Brutus read the handwriting on the wall in the State Senate Race 38. There were too many candidates in the race, he saw that. Michael Gongora and Kevin Burns should have stayed out of it because they guaranteed  the dreadful Daphne Campbell a win in the primary. Phillip took the only road possible to win: He changed from Democrat to no party affiliation (NPA) at the same time Gongora entered the race. I wrote about the Brutus switch June 25th.

So now we have the ethically challenged Daphne Campbell to contend with. She would be our next State Senator in this very Democratic district EXCEPT, Phillip Brutus is now in the running -- against her.  She is a Democrat that votes with Republicans. She is a shrill,  just an awful person.

Daphne Campbell sleeps through a session as State Rep.
Phillip Brutus needs everyone's help to win this. People tend to vote down the party on their ballot. They will have to move over to find Phillip. I always  liked him and I really hope he can pull it off. Here is a map of the massive district:

The district serves some very financially challenged areas and some of richest areas of Miami Dade County. It is a district pretty equally divided between Hispanics, Anglos, Blacks/Haitians. I think Phillip, who is very intelligent and a good listener, can bridge the gap and relate to everyone. We get on very well, have for years...and years. He is pro-choice, Daphne is not. I remember the days of coat hangers. I could never support a candidate that does not give a woman a choice. I fully support Phillip Brutus for District 38. Please vote for him.


Anonymous said...

Philip Brutus is a nice guy. He is a million times better than a Daphne Campbell.

Anonymous said...

Phillip Brutus is a bit of a conundrum. I have met him and like his personality. He is not without some issues though.

His NPA filing threw a wrench into the works. Due to silly Florida election rules, he closed the primary to only Dem voters. Had the primary been open to all voters regardless of party affiliation, I suspect Pizzo would have won in the primary.

Election laws need to be reformed in Florida. There is no doubt. If in a district with one party only candidates in the primary, all voters should be able to choose. The NPA candidate can then run against the party candidate in the general.

In this election cycle we have seen abuses in closing primaries.

Geniusofdespair said...

That would be true if there weren't a Republican in the race...AND THERE WAS A REPUBLICAN IN THE RACE. Some 80 year old guy. He dropped out at qualifying. I am sure he would have stayed in if not for Bruus. The pubs were going to foul your plan.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you so much for all of the work that you do to inform us about what is really going on in politics. I had no idea about this race. It is not in my district, but I am still going to donate to this gentleman due to the research I did on him after reading your blog post about him recently.
I don't know how you find out about so many things that people try to hide away and I am a little bit in awe of your ability to ferret out the truth. I truly appreciate your efforts in educating all of us. It is so hard to be on top of everything and I would be much less knowledgeable if it was not for your blog. THANK YOU!!!