Saturday, August 27, 2016

Which Judges to vote for in Miami Dade County? By Geniusofdespair

Some great analysis of judicial candidates on by Michael Froomkin, Law Professor at University of Miami.

His choice of judges are close to my picks:

Summary of Froomkin's County Court recommendations

Group 5: Milena Abreu (line 94)
Group 7: Ed Newman (line 97)
Group 15: Linda Luce (line 99)
Group 35: Wendell Graham (line 100)

I don't agree with his Group 5 pick and he doesn't seem so sure either. I voted for Fred Seraphin.

Froomkin's picks for 11 Circuit Court:

Group 9: Jason Edward Bloch (line 80)
Group 34: Renee Gordon (line 83)
Group 52: Carol “Jodie” Breece (line 87)
Group 66: Robert Joshua Luck (line 90)
Group 74: George “Jorge” A Sarduy (line 93)

I disagreed on 34, I voted for Mark Blumstein, but I do not have strong feelings on my pick.

If you go to the links you will get an analysis of each of his picks.


Anonymous said...

Please check out Anyone But Carlos Facebook. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I voted for Blumstein also. I heard him speak and he impressed me. Then I heard his mother and that sealed the deal. Did you know that both his parents were Cuban? Mark speaks perfect Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Your assistance with the judges is very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I actually voted for Luis medina perez. Heard him speak also and was the most graceful of all. Smart and not all stuck up. Just my opinion. Thank you for your web page.

Antonio "Tony" Jimenez #101 said...

It was a pleasure meeting you. I respect that even though you voted for my opponent you still took the time to chat with me. Thank you for being an informed voter.