Monday, August 15, 2016

Miami Dade 2016 Elections Update. By Geniusofdespair

I requested my SECOND ABSENTEE ballot on Thursday because I never got the first. In the meantime I got my voter registration card. According to the elections website the second one will be mailed today. I hope someone hasn't voted for me. When someone calls up and says they haven't gotten their ballot the Elections Department should put a hold on that person. Did anyone else not get their ballot?

Felix Lorenzo

 On County Commissioners the Herald endorsed incumbents Dennis Moss and Xavier Suarez. No surprises there. For District 11 they endorsed Joe Martinez's opponent. The little known Felix Lorenzo showed up Joe Martinez didn't. Easy way to get an endorsement. Anyway, I don't think he can win but I sure wish that he could. Martinez was a disaster when he was on the county commission previously.  Felix has raised $100 from a Hialeah Doctor. He also gave his campaign $2,000. Not much hope. If you live in District 11 please vote for Felix. We are in this awful situation because Juan Zapata, the incumbent, dropped out AFTER qualifying. Was it to keep his foe Frank Artiles from entering the race?  Zapata could have just stayed in, got the Miami Herald endorsement and won and then dropped out. It would have been better for us the citizens. But who cares about us citizens? Shackled with Joe Martinez for 8 more years, I will never forgive you Juan.


I watched a feisty debate between the Toxic Mayor Gimenez and Raquel Regalado. He had a tag line: "You just make stuff up."  One of the two moderators should have called him on it or Regalado. They, the commentators, should have known if Raquel "was making stuff up."  It left the audience with doubt on who was telling the truth. It was like Reagan's "There you go again." You could see Raquel was frustrated with the tactic. Gimenez came off arrogant and Raquel seemed frustrated. I blame the moderators. Carlos Gimenez put demands on the Victims of Domestic Violence Unit. He claims he didn't cut funding, that the Feds did when Raquel called him out on it. 

With all the attack ads against Raquel I think that Gimenez will win but I will not vote for him. I will vote for Raquel Regalado.

Vote everyone!

JUDGES I WILL VOTE FOR: (really do your own research, I put their websites on this blog post).

Circuit Judge 11th
Judicial Circuit Groups:

9 Jason Bloch

34 Mark Blumstein

52 Carol Breece she has a lot of endorsements, Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts is also on my mind

66 Robert Luck (I)

74 George Sarduy (I)

County Judge Groups:

5 Fred Seraphin (I)

7 Ed Newman (I)

15 Linda Luce (the incumbent is not running)

35 Wendell Graham (I)

Judges recommended to me by lawyer friends: Graham, Bloch, Luck, Gordon, Sarduy, Seraphin.


Marina Meadows said...

You made very interesting points; still failed to present the reality in our Election. I liked very much: "But who cares about us citizens?!" Because I still searching for those who care... Twitter at Meadows_Marin FB MarinaForCommissioner2014 LinkedIn MarinaMeadows Thank you for sharing your writing. It is amazing to be able to post comments now; after being blocked for years.

Geniusofdespair said...

We dont block comments unless they don't follow our few rules. You might be ending up in spam the way you post. Who knows i seldom check spam.

Geniusofdespair said...

When you advertise yourself or yor twitter page you will get blocked.

Anonymous said...

Regarding voting absentee: Once your vote has been cast, it is noted in the electronic statewide system. A red Absentee Ballot notation will also appear over the name of a voter in the(paper)voter registration books used by poll workers on election day. If a voter who requested an absentee ballot shows up on election day to vote a regular ballot, the poll worker will send the voter to the clerk. The clerk must then check with the Elections Office to confirm the voter has not yet voted - especially if the ballot is not brought-in with the voter to be cancelled. Also, the Post Master requests Absentee Ballots be mailed at least 5 days prior to an election to ensure they arrive in time to be counted.

Of note, people voting in person must show picture and signature
ID(s). Re Absentee ballots: They are mailed to a person's address. If someone stole your absentee ballot, signed it and mailed it in, their signature would have to be an excellent match, if the vote was to count.

People voting by mail need to keep their mailing addresses current, their signatures updated at the Elections Office. Signatures can change over time. If the Elections Office has an outdated signature, the vote won't count. Addresses also need to be current. Voters must vote in the precinct they live in - it's against the law to do otherwise.

Anonymous said...

go to the justice building blog and read the story about an incumbent judge. But then read the comments that lots of people are making about her. most people never see things like that. by just voting for incumbents you could be doing a disservice to the people of the county. of course, most voters dont do research and just vote on name recognition. Perhaps it's time for major overhaul of our electing system.