Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Early voting and absentee ballot results. By geniusofdespair

I am posting by phone:

US Rep

Tim Canova 39%
Debbie Wasserman Schultz 63%

Joe Garcia 49%
Annette Taddeo 50%

School Board

Modesto 'Mo' Abety 23%
Maria Teresa 'Mari Tere' Rojas 49% - Mayor's sister in law


Raquel Regalado 32%
Carlos Gimenez 49%

State Senate
Dwight Bullard has 47% to 23% for Korge.
Jason Pizzo 25%, Gongora 23% and 29% Daphne Campbell.

State Rep

Lynda Bell 15%
David Rivera 38% Anthony Roriguez neck and neck with Rivera.

State Rep
Solomon is winning.
Daisy Baez is winning.

Now we wait for precincts to report.

There might be a runoff for Mayor. The precincts are starting to report. Looks like there is a runoff for Mayor. Gimenez failed to get 50%.

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Anonymous said...

banana republic--again!!