Wednesday, July 06, 2016

In Washinton D. C. To See President Obama and say Goodbye to the Lame Duck. By Geniusofdespair

Obama does not know I am here. I thought I would surprise him, maybe run into him at Starbucks or somewhere else. I will make myself available when he hears I am here and calls. Meanwhile, off to the Cato institute to ask who will win the Presidential election.


outofsight said...

Have fun.... we will keep light the on.

Anonymous said...

The EAA reservoir was designed as water storage for the Fanjuls and Motts to irrigate their cane fields. This billion dollar project will be paid by the taxpayers not the sugar barrons.

WOOF said...

OB1 is always sending me eMails .
I'll let him know you're in town,
maybe he'll give you a ride to
Martha's Vineyard.

Anonymous said...

with all the fanfare, effusive speeches, and self congratulations over the Royal Caribbean terminal agenda item at today's commission meeting one person was glaringly absent, and not even in the audience: the Port Director. Did Giminez steel the limelight and is Juan Kuryla on his way out?

Anonymous said...

Cato Institute=Koch brothers play "think," but I assume you know that