Thursday, July 07, 2016

Climate change hot in Washington. By Geniusofdespair

The problem with a 16 year old, they get testy. And i am not good at patience. My first inclination is to smack them around...."you walk to fast, I am too hot, I don't walk when I am home..." I reminded her this was my vacation too which got total silence in return. OMG, i am spending a couple of thousand and I have to listen to this, with a few snipes towards me mixed in. Now, I am far from perfect but I am fit enough to out-do this kid's stamina. I told her she had better get used to the hot weather--- it would be her future.


Barbara Falsey said...

Ah teenagers - kudos to you for even attempting this!! She will remember it fondly - one day.

Anonymous said...

The issue with teenagers, ourselves included as we made the passage, is that they hate where they are and they hate where they are not. Full of doubt and angst and if you aren't in their demographic, you don't count.