Sunday, June 12, 2016

Unflattering Video of Carlos Gimenez...GONE. By Geniusofdespair

A video I posted in 2013 is now missing. It showed Gimenez disrespecting people. Where did it go??

The only description you have of it, is my blog post. I should have taken a video of the video.

Anyone have a video of this meeting? September 2013?


Anonymous said...

Public records request? If it was part of an official video and posted on the County website, it's public record. You can request to "review" it and record it on your phone.

Geniusofdespair said...

It was a Facebook video.

Anonymous said...

The one vídeo we are all anxious to see is the one where Gimenez ordered his 2012 campaign manager (who coincidently was also employed by State Attorney'Katherine Fernandez-Rundle) to hire unscrupulous absentee ballot collectors and to rig a general election. Sadly, our voters care little about the electorate process and our local, state and federal authorities are either inept or ill intended. Had such monstruosity happened anywhere else in our country Gimenez would have been indicted and would not have had a chance to disrespect anyone ever again.

Tom said...

Sadly, that may just be gone for good, unless you can possibly try putting the Facebook URL of where you posted it through and viewing an older version (I'm not sure if this works though)

In the future it may be worth keeping a local copy of anything this important. I really love this beautiful Firefox extension:

It supports just about every streaming site I've ever used.

Anonymous said...

Shocking...The idea that Michael Hernandez may try to shape the message on social media through whatever means necessary.

Anonymous said...

The infamous group of Brian May, who brought Brian goldmier into the game, Jorge Luis Lopez, garcia-Toledo (now divorced but records sealed for time being), heckler, et al and Llorente,et al are feeling the pressure cooker lid about to explode. Watch the fun. Clear out some jail cells please