Monday, June 13, 2016

I am Going to Get Me One of those AR -15's. It appears they work. By Geniusofdespair

You couldn't have asked for more from a gun in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12.

But, it is not the gun's fault. It never is. We are only 164 days into this year and we've had 133 mass shootings according to Vox.

This is what we have to worry about in America...we have too many Americans like this with guns and that is why guns DO MATTER. The gaming desensitizes the wackos:

WNTN is Black and followed by 362 people. He has pictures of himself fucking on his twitter page. Here is a retweet of his:

I went to KD@niggrawr page. He has 6,177 followers. These people are stupid gamers playing very violent games. Their whole life is GAMING. Tells you a lot.

When I  was watching the video, an NRA ad came up: "Free Bag with Membership". Shit happens because people like this are batshit crazy and they buy guns that they have learned to use plaiying video games.


Anonymous said...

Just like it's the spoon's fault Michael Moore is fat.

Anonymous said...

Except the spoon is not a weapon.

Anonymous said...

Batshit crazy is minimizing these people. How is trump going protect us from American extremists when they are his biggest supporters?

Anonymous said...

Good question. He was an American citizen, so was Timothy McVay.

Anonymous said...

Second anonymous since you are so smart is a pressure cooker a weapon?
Ask people in Boston for the correct answer. The terrorists will find a way, be it car bomb, poisoned food and water, chemical or biological. The ideology is the problem.

Geniusofdespair said...

you sound like you have thought a lot about this, are you planning something?

cyndi said...

I'm afraid to share this. Sad but true. The other day I put something on my Facebook page about Grampas and guns for one of my clients to look at and by the time I got home my ass was sufficiently reamed out. Great post!