Monday, June 06, 2016

Koch Brothers On The Campaign Trail ... by gimleteye

The Koch political machine -- committed to spend nearly $1 billion on Republican candidatess and conservative causes this election cycle -- is set to launch a new media blitz to promote the message that the Kochs really care about America's middle class. They will express their heartfelt concern that Democratic policies are putting the middle class at risk. It is an interesting pitch, since the Koch oligarchs are the best examples of concentrated wealth in the United States.

The Kochs are aiming to maintain control of state legislatures, governor's offices, and the US Senate. At the same time that the indiscipline of Donald Trump is pushing GOP leaders to damage control, the Kochs and conservative allies are on the offense. With a virtually unlimited reservoir of dark money, they are moving forward to enforce political orthodoxies like objections to any and all Obama initiatives.

That is the appropriate context to understand US Senator Marco Rubio's block of judicial senate confirmation for a federal judge he nominated: “Clearly, some huge pressure was put on Rubio to put the knife into Judge Flores, and Rubio will not reveal the real reason for this hypocrisy,” Spencer said. “This is precisely why so many Florida Republicans are fed up with Rubio and the corrosive nature of his big money politics."

The Kochs' aim to retain Republican control of the senate also accounts for Rubio's apparent flip flop on his intention to surrender his incumbency. (His awful showing in the Florida presidential primary put a check on his freedom of political and financial movement.) Bottom line: the Kochs don't need Donald Trump to win in November. So long as the GOP maintains control of the US Senate and an iron-grip on state legislatures, and state governor's, the Koch oligarchy will do just fine.

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Anonymous said...

Marc-HO...the 'do boy' of the al oligarchs.
The sooner this self promoting Ho disappears the better...but I fear he will not go quietly.