Thursday, June 23, 2016

Democratic Clusterfuck for the State Senate Continues. By Geniusofdespair

Andrew Korge

See my Blog Posts of June 21st. and June 20th.

In State Senate District 40 we now have 3 Democrats as Andrew Korge has bolted from District 39. Now 39 is left without a Democratic challenger in a more liberal redrawn district. Antiere Flores has found God I mean GREEN since the district change. She does have a NPA contender, Shelia Lucas George. I think Ana Riva Logan should switch to this district considering Andrew Korge's current fundraising totals -- the Herald says $700 thousand range.

A Republican has jumped in the District 38 Race all but cementing the win for Daphne Campbell as Republicans and Independents now CANNOT VOTE in the Democratic Primary and that hurts Jason Pizzo and Kevin Burns as the Democratic super voters in the district are primarily Black - that isn't to say that African Americans will embrace the shrill Haitian Campbell. Republican Allen Markelson (is that the former Ferrai owner?) is the Candidate. The 83 year old is from North Bay Village. I think the Republicans threw him in as a wrench in the race for Daphne's benefit. Daphne Campbell is a A Dino (Democrat in Name Only) so she doesn't count as a Democrat.  Somehow she escaped Medicaid fraud charges. That race is a complete mess. The Democrats have until tomorrow at noon to put bandages on these races. Hah, like that is going to happen. I predict the Democrats will win one race: Oscar Braynon's race (he is unopposed).

Watch this video about Daphne Campbell

Tampa Bay Times:

Already facing a Florida Medicaid fraud probe, South Florida state Rep. Daphne Campbell is being investigated by federal agents who are tracing hundreds of thousands of dollars through bank accounts tied to a web of family health care businesses, the Miami Herald has learned.

The Internal Revenue Service has slapped $145,000 worth of liens on the lawmaker and her husband, Hubert Campbell. IRS agents have received dozens of documents from former business associates who say the Campbells scammed them. And an investigator called Campbell's legislative aide to question her about her boss.

The allegations, following years of legal troubles for Campbell and her family, have so concerned the Florida Democratic Party that it has called on her to "consider stepping down."

In February 2016 Politico Reported:

An appeals court on Wednesday ordered a new Medicaid fraud trial for the son of state Rep. Daphne Campbell after determining a judge didn’t allow the jury that convicted him to deliberate properly.

Gregory Campbell was convicted on multiple Medicaid fraud charges in 2013, sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay $460,893.58 in restitution stemming from an Internal Revenue Service investigation into his mother, a Democrat from North Miami who was never criminally charged and always maintained her innocence.

When she learned her son’s appeal had succeeded, Campbell was so overjoyed that she started yelling that her son had been “exonerated” and praised Jesus so loudly on the floor of the state House of Representatives that proceedings were stopped briefly.

She could also be heard yelling “my Jesus, it was one vote. They did this to me, it was one vote. I am vindicated.”

Other lawmakers said her fellow Miami state Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Republican and former prosecutor, informed Campbell her son had not been cleared, but that the Third District Court of Appeal had simply reversed the charges and remanded the case back to the Miami-Dade County court for a new trial.


Anonymous said...

Too bad all the Johnny-Come-Lately's in the Senate District 38 race didn't or don't understand what they are creating by getting in a race especially now that the Republican is in the race........ Campbell's Coronation on August 31st
Bill Foot

Anonymous said...

When are Haitians going to fight back against the corruption that is a good portion of their politicians? Haven't they learned from their home country?

Anonymous said...

Campbell is not a lock on this seat by any means. Michael Gongora is filing for this seat. That changes everything. Don't assume African Americans will overwhelmingly vote for Campbell or any other Haitian-American.

All of the musical chairs only reinforces the firmly held belief that Florida Democrats are incompetent buffoons. They can't find someone to beat Anitere Flores in a district that went 53 percent for Obama, in a year with the Cheeto Jesus atop the GOP ticket?

On a complete tangent, I am very bummed that the Good Government Initiative is closing shop. It is indeed true that Katy exhausted the market for enrollees.

Anonymous said...

There's more to the Korge story:
Sunshine State News reported yesterday that Korge offered Bullard $25,000 to get out of the race.
And it's not just Bullard saying it. Leslie Wimes, President and CEO of the African-American Women's Caucus confirms this saying Korge called her and told her he had offered Bullard $25K to move to District 38. Let's see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

I smell an ethics complaint coming. I wonder if Korge will try to buy his way out of that.

Anonymous said...

Leslie Wimes is paid by republicans to attack democrats. The sunshine state news is a republican extremist website. That story is nonsense. Dwight should be ashamed of himself for putting out those lies and being so negative. Typical tallahassee politician.

Here are the facts: The florida democratic party, the unions, and the florida justice association cut deals with flores to stay out of the race in senate district 39 or support flores directly. The firefighters and afscme and justice association already endorsed flores. AFL - CIO was about to endorse flores.

Plus, they all got behind republican turned democrat ana rivas logan to help her beat dwight. Look at rivas logan team - it is christian ulvert, sarah smith manzano, and dylan sumner (they are all party people). Korge getting in that race actually helps dwight, and should ensure that a real progressive will win - not the republican rivas logan.

Dwight is just picking on Korge because he is the favorite. He needs to calm down and stop being so angry. The party screwed both korge and dwight, the only two progressives in district 40.

Anonymous said...

To his credit in this instance, Bullard didn't accept the Bribe.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Korge, a legend in his own mind. Lol

Anonymous said...

Korge is in deep trouble. This is a clear violation of statues which lay out broad definitions of bribery of public officials. This is not just an Ethics Commission complaint. This is criminal. The real question is going to be if there is evidence beyond Bullard's words (which may be enough for a grand jury indictment). This is serious.

Anonymous said...

In Korge's defense I must say this. The kid is young and immature. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and throughout his life he has seen that problems are resolved with money. He has always worked for his father's company and has never experienced what the real world is like. Hopefully, this will teach him a lesson. maybe not in integrity, but a life lesson, and he will come out stronger.

Anonymous said...

Is this the type of person we want as a State Senator then? Being born with a silver spoon is no excuse. If he doesn't know about the real world, we need to keep him as far away from Tallahassee as possible! His immaturity definitely shows with all the races he has hopped in and out of. This guy is a joke!

Anonymous said...

Dishonesty should not be condoned by any taxpayer! That's the problem we have today in Florida. We almost expect dishonesty! If Korge is guilty as indicated, he needs to MAN up, admit his mistake and move on. If not, he should be jailed.

Geniusofdespair said...

Okay pubs I've had enough. You guys should talk with the likes of David Rivera in your party.

Anonymous said...

@GOD, I think Korge is the story and worth talking about! Nobody has been in four (4) yes!!!! four (4) races in 15 months. Lets count'em
#1 Andrew Korge (AK) was running against Gwen Margolis (D) in primary for the pre-LWV Coastal District.
#2 AK changes to run for Congress in CD 26, in a race vs. Taddeo (D) and Curbelo (r)
#3 AK flips back to run for State Senate again after court drawn SD39 vs. Flores (r)
#4 AK (we think) finally decides to run in a Democratically-filled field in SD40

The day is still young...... he has another 90 minutes to file to run against Murphy, Grayson or Rubio maybe he runs against Gimenez and Regalado for Mayor!!!!


Bill Foot

Anonymous said...

Korge never ran for congress. Get your facts straight, Bill Foot. And, he never changed to senate district 39 as the map completely disappeared and a new map was created. Korge did however switch from 39 to 40 because the party and all the unions and trial lawyers cut a deal with Flores to get her reelected. These are all facts.

Korge is running against Bullard and Rivas logan who are both pathetic for different reasons. Did you know Bullard paid his own company $12,000 from his campaign account? Did you know he withdrew $14,500 in cash from his campaign account in large increments? 1 withdrawal was $4,000. What is he buying with all of that cash? He also spent $8500 on meals in the last 8 years from his campaign account. Google Reggie Fulwood and you will see what is about to happen to dwight.

Rivas Logan is a republican. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I do not trust Dwight Bullard.