Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fundraising in the State Senate Races Thus Far. By Geniusofdespair

(US Sugar's address is also there, under these names that I did not include: Southern Gardens, Groves, etc). I was more interested in the totals raised by the candidates in the State Senate Races. I just looked very quickly at where the money came from. Remember, these are just the OFFICIAL campaign financials there are also PAC's and ECO's for candidates that I did NOT look at. You can see the fundraising is a hot mess for the Dems except for Andrew Korge. All are Dems unless otherwise noted.

State Senate Distric 35:
State Senator Oscar Brayon raised $33,000 as of 5/31/2016. (only one in race)

State Senate District 36:
Rene Garcia (Repug) raised $49,000 with $500 from U.S. Sugar. (only  one in race)

State Senate Distric 37:
Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (Repug) raised $370,500. U.S. Sugar gave him $1,000.  He also got $4,000 from the Southern Gardens entities (Same address as U.S. Sugar). He already is a paid lobbyist for FPL so I didn't see money here.
Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez (Dem) also got the sugar money. He raised $203,400.

State Senate District 38:
State Rep. Daphne Campbell got $1,000 from FPL's parent company Next Era and $500 from U.S. Sugar. As of 5/23 she has raised $28,000.
Former State Rep. Phillip Brutus loaned his campaign account $10,000.
Jason Pizzo gave his account $200,000.
Senator Gwen Margolis, who left the race, had raised $129,000 with a $50,000 loan. There was no sugar money, but there was casino money, horse breeders etc.. Next Era also was not there.
Kevin Burns just jumped in, no money.
The other candidates in the race raised under $10,000.

State Senate District 39:
Anitere Flores  (Repug) raised a whopping $778,700. She has a lot of Big Sugar money and money from Municipal Electric PAC.
Andrew Korge raised a very respectable $330,000. (Heard he might be moving to District 40)

State Senate District 40:
State Rep. Dwight Bullard has raised $81,937. He also took $500 from U.S. Sugar and $1,000 from Next Era.
Frank Artiles, the Repug in the race raised $341,663. There was U.S. Sugar money and a host of developers.
Ana Rivas Logan just jumped in, no money.

Let's face it, it appears they all are taking money from Big Sugar but I didn't see it on Andrew Korge's Financial Disclosure.


Anonymous said...

Thats because Andrew Korge is the real deal. He has raised all of his money from philanthropists and traditional democratic donors, not tallahassee special interests.

Anonymous said...

And from his Daddy!

Anonymous said...

What is worse, a candidate who raises a few bucks from his family, or candidates who take big sugar, fpl, and walmart money? I think the answer is pretty obvious...

Anonymous said...

Judging from your list. Seems like Dem' craps and repugs are equal opportunity shills. The outliers are the indecently wealthy . Your alternative? Public financing? Seems like that would just be throwing good money after bad. In the end the PAC, or whatever back door politicians always leave open will continue to buy elections.

Anonymous said...

The house districts are tiny. With a good group of volunteers you could run a great campaign in them. You really don't need that much money to run a good campaign for a House seat. For the Senate, because the districts are geographically larger, you will need a little more money, but not that much.

al Crespo said...

"A few bucks?" Is that like a "Little bit pregnant?"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If you are trying to raise money for friends and family, you need a lot. But for regular people who are running to help people in the district, a good honest effort should not cost that much.

Anonymous said...

What is worst is Ana Rivas Logan, a republican with an A rating from the NRA, and anti choice anti equality and anti public school votes as a republican legislator in Tallahassee from 2010-2012.

She lost reelection to a republican, then two years later switched parties so she could win a political seat. Ana Rivas is just another typical Tallahassee politician - they only care about themselves...

Anonymous said...
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Geniusofdespair said...

Okay it is very obvious we are hearing from campaign workers. Send a flyer don't use us to flaunt opposition research.

Anonymous said...

If I were running I would take as much money from BS as they would give me.
And then do everything possible to stop the discharging and make them pay for clean-up.
I guess I could only do this the first time I ran though. I'm sure they wouldn't give to me again.

Anonymous said...

Great work.