Thursday, April 28, 2016

Homestead and Wayne Rosen Update: Hudstead's Keys Gate Can't Catch a Break. By Geniusofdespair

Multiple neighbors are complaining on line about their houses shaking and cracks in their foundation. One woman replaced all the tile in her home....

Some of the copy that is with  Keys Gate petition:
Florida City Commission gives final approval to a rock quarry’s expansion despite earlier protests by homeowners, regulatory agencies and the superintendent of Biscayne National Park against Atlantic Civil. (Posted on Sun, Mar. 30, 2008).

Atlantic Civil will develop a rock-mining quarry on 589 acres of land that is so far projected to be located south of Southwest 360th Street and east of Southwest 167th Avenue. Some 72 acres are already being mined.

City leaders said the economic benefit of the quarry outweighed concerns raised last fall by homeowners as well as environmental and park officials.
Amanda Garner (a Homestead Council member at that time) appeared at the Florida City Commission meeting to express her constituent’s concerns about blasting damaging their homes. ''I can't tell you how many times I've been contacted by residents who've had damage to their homes -- foundation cracks, brand new homes with cracked tiles,'' said Garner, who's no longer on the council. ``People can feel it in their homes when it happens.''
Meanwhile here  is an update on, in my opinion, a Self-Centered Man always on the move to make more money at the expense of...well anyone but him. God forbid that he should help the middle class people who live in the community that he built, people who love their homes despite their dwindling property values because of his failed golf course:

 Wayne Rosen Update on Keys Gate - in the Miami Herald:

You have to understand that you can’t ask me to build a golf course without having those single-family homes to to help pay for it. It’s called cash flow. - Wayne Rosen

“Why is the developer dictating to the city what should be built? A city and its residents should be dictating that, not the developer. The developer should conform to what the citizens and the city thinks are the best uses for those lands.” - Councilman Jon Burgess

Will Homestead get its golf course? Developer: only if city passes my request

With some misgivings and a promise to review at least part of the issues before taking a final vote, the Homestead City Council tentatively approved a zoning application by Wayne Rosen that would allow give him more flexibility than other developers to build what he wants in an area designated for mixed use — a combination of retail, single-family homes and condos.

Rosen told the Miami Herald he plans to build 91 single-family homes and that in return, he would pay to renovate the rundown Keys Gate Golf and Country Club, although the golf course is nowhere mentioned in his application. Golf course renovations weren’t part of the conversation Wednesday.

But passage on May 18 is not assured. Some council members are not comfortable with proposed changes to the existing mixed-use zoning code on Rosen’s 20 acres, and say they want to revisit the issue before the final vote.

“I think we’re giving up too much with this ‘mixed-use’ dialogue,” said Mayor Jeff Porter, who voted in favor. “If we don’t have some sort of concession, some sort of clarification, it’s going to be the biggest sticking point. I’m giving it a chance to live, knowing that there’s still a chance for it to die in second reading.”
 When I think of Keys Gate I always have Watergate in the back of my mind.


Anonymous said...

I don't live in Hudstead but always enjoy reading about the dysfunction there. Feel for the blasting people. They should talk to Mike Pizzi.

Rocking and Rolling in Keys Landing said...

I felt the boom and the shaking yesterday. I happened to be in the hallway on my tile floors. The walls vibrated on either side of me and my windows made a loud rattling noise. My cat ran.

This has happened other times before, but more towards the east, this felt like it was directly south of us (on the west side of Keys Gate) by the Roscoe park.

I do have floor cracks. With us being built on fill, and next to little lakes caused by rock mining the fill, I can't help but wonder if the cracks in the foundation comes from the blasting over the years. the tile is cracking, but what is under the rugs is scary.

The stucco had cracks at the window corners when I moved in. They were filled in and then restuccoed and then painted with waterproof paint. They are all cracking again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, can you please tell me who Mike Pizzi is and how to contact him?

snooker said...


Anonymous said...

You have to call the State Fire Marshall, note the date and time of the blasts. The rock mining firms pay a bond that serves as a fund for damages. Of course, you will never see a dime, it's all part of a feel good diversion. Why diversions prosper in Hudstead can't be related, can they?

Anonymous said...

Porter, Burgess, Shelley and Roth all had concerns why the development was linked to the golf course. The condition should be repair the golf course first as you promised when you bought it. If not let the city take it and run it as a municipal golf course. The liars Rosen and Gleber are currently advertising with the golf course as an amenity. It's been closed since 2014.

Geniusofdespair said...

Michael Pizzi is the Mayor of Miami Lakes. He represented homeowners impacted by blasting in the west. He was acquitted of all charges in a sting operation.

Anonymous said...

Mixed use is commercial, retail and residences. Rosen must have gotten to one of Hudstead's Development Directors who agrees with Rosen's FLEX scheme. In this case FLEX means residential next to a Budweiser shipping warehouse. The retail and commercial are meant to increase pedestrian activity while reducing the carbon footprint. In Wayne's World his definition increases the carbon footprint and uses existing industrial with eighteen wheelers to offset the retail and light commercial such as a medical office.
Rosen has always been bad news. Always in lawsuits, given immunity by Rundle for testimony against political crooks and in cahoots with other vermin. He put the HUD in Hudstead.

Anonymous said...

The homes built in this area is standing on marl not rock land. Blasting is part of the problem but homes should never have been constructed in this area which use to grow corn and potatoes. The homes foundations are now settling and no matter how much repair work is done nothing will help.
I do feel sorry for the people that purchased these homes. My advice to you is just hope a hurricane does not hit your area. Then you will face alligators, water moccasins, mosquitoes, tegue lizards, and crocodiles, along with dead fish. This area is also considered the wetlands and much of the land because of farming is contaminated with arsenic and other toxins. Let's hope Cancer does not take come next!