Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 29th Cooling Canal Meeting: State Putting the Screws on FPL (Election Year). By Geniusodespair

I know it is a royal pain in the ass to show up on a Friday night, in Homestead of all places, but the State Committee is coming to us so we have a duty not to let them see we are actually a bunch of lazy citizens. Buck up and show up because the Tallahassee Senate Committee will be in Hudstead. You don't want all the FPL citizen plants (FPL always digs a bunch of them up in Hudstead - I once saw a pregnant woman testify on how great the nuke plant is) to do all the commenting do you?

 If they see a big crowd they will worry about Anitere Flores seat (with redistricting she has to contend with pesky green people) and perhaps do some of what was reported in the Miami Herald today in a front page article:

In a notice to FPL officials Monday, the Department of Environmental Protection gave the utility 21 days to provide any information about how the 40-year-old canals have seeped into the Biscayne aquifer over the years and enter negotiations to come up with a clean-up plan. If the two sides fail to agree, the agency may come up with its own measures in 60 days, the notice said.

DEP Water Resource Management Director Frederick Aschauer also warned FPL that a new problem — in March Miami-Dade County detected canal water in Biscayne Bay — may be violating other state laws, for which the utility may be liable for damages.
This is the largest cooling canal system in the world. Note the size of the plant next to the canals.

The one thing that makes me happy: The Tallahassee Senate Committee will probably be stuck in Homestead for dinner and lodging. The bad thing: They will be very cranky by the time Citizen Comments come up. Can you imagine 200 people commenting. They might urge you to submit your comments in writing for the record (like any of those will be read). Those comments will be left on a dusty shelf never to be seen again.


Anonymous said...

I will go to Hudstead. Sigh. Better than going to Tallahassee.

Anonymous said...

DEP gave FPL just 15 days to schedule a meeting. The rest was ordering FPL to do what FPL had already proposed to do.
That's showing 'em!

Anonymous said...

Senator Flores is so fake. She only cares about this issue because it's an election year.

Anonymous said...

This "select Committee is all good ole boys from North and central Florida. They need to hear from us about our disgust with FPL and DEP and how they fail to protect our water source, and allow it to be used up by this failed outdated reactor system! We must at least get our outrage on the record!