Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Barry White on the Everglades Foundation Letter Praising NextEra to the Unsuspecting Hawaiians. By Geniusofdespair

Barry White

If Mr. Eric Eikenberg, the Executive Director of an organization called The Everglades Foundation can characterize FPL and NextEra in the manner he did for the people of Hawaii, FPL has graduated from Master Obfuscator to Master Deceiver.

Eric Eikenberg wrote this on his school's website: "Growing up and being educated in a Christian environment has helped shape the man I am today. Godly teachers and administrators who demonstrated Christ’s love each and every day made an indelible impact on my life." You would think someone with such strong Christian values would not try to deceive Hawaiians about a utility. From Eric Draper of Audubon (the letter co-signer) it was no surprise. He always does stuff like this.  (Genius)
We don’t see where he mentioned the Notice of Violation and fine issued by Miami-Dade County to FPL in October, 2015 for polluting the water outside of the Turkey Point Cooling Canal System (CCS), an official Industrial Waste Facility. Or the recent report of the radiological tracer tritium linking unnatural ammonia and phosphorus in Biscayne Bay to the CCS. Or the billion and a half dollars, and growing, it has collected from rate payers for new reactors which, please the Lord, will never be built. It appears that the Forces Of Energy Darkness in Florida and beyond have coalesced to create a united front of misinformation in the service of FPL's holding not only Florida as an energy hostage but it now has its sights on the lovely State of Hawaii. Adding The Everglades Foundation as an ally to its masterfully engineered fake environmental organizations like Consumers Smart Solar (and its deceptive ballot amendment), The Consumer Energy Alliance and FPL Solar Now, FPL is "movin' on up" the ladder of public and political manipulation toward bigger and better corporate audacity and totalitarianism.

How do the people on the street combat such self-serving action by an official monopoly? Does FPL’s franchise include total disregard for the best interests of our fragile ecosystem and the climatological events challenging the survival of the planet? If FPL cannot figure out how to produce energy without befouling our ecology, and reducing demand on the grid with decentralized production of renewable energy, it is time to put the contract up for bid to find companies which can; New York state has over twenty power companies many of which use only renewable energy. How long do we have to be bullied and controlled by NextEra/FPL and its Tallahassee and local lackeys? Can the electorate and constituents of the right be so uninformed and unaware of how they are being used to continue to send people to Tallahassee who really do not serve their best interests?

So, the masquerade continues: NextEra/FPL, The Everglades Foundation, co-signer of the letter Audubon's Eric Draper, the Republican Party and FPL’s phony baloney organizations and programs are fine, self-less, altruistic, leading and respected guardians and protectors of the environment and of trouble free energy. And I am Napoleon.

Barry J. White
Citizens Allied for Safe Energy, Inc./CASE - Miami


Anonymous said...

What in the world does religion have to do with a profit hungry company (FPL) polluting our waters and charging upfront costs toward 2 nuclear facilities that hopefully will never be built. The shills of the non profits should have trouble sleeping at night.

Geniusofdespair said...

I only put the religious stuff up to show that our man Eric has strong values. To say in a letter to Hawaiians that Florida's Utilities prioritize solar --when in their own literature FPL says they get .1% from solar is more than misleading. Not worthy of a good Christian.

Also to add insult to injury FPL and Next Era manufactured a non-solar initiative meant to confuse the public. You would think this would enrage our friend at the Everglades Foundation, with his strong Christian values.

Anonymous said...

Barry is an important sustainable natural South Florida resource-yeah Barry!

FPL, Everglades Foundation, 'sell out' Eric Draper of Audubon Florida are pollutants, corporate discharge, shameful enablers.

But the Millennials are coming and they are pissed! The Millennial Generation outnumber Baby Boomers at the ballot box and they buy none of this FPL Crony capitalism Corporate crap. Things are going to change in the near future. We are seeing the desperate last smash and grab by FPL, Big Sugar, Developers etc.as the Millennial siren screams.

We should spend more time engaging informing Millennials.