Tuesday, April 12, 2016

As we report on FPL, The Miami Herald continues its Love-Fest as the Company's Public Relations Arm. By Geniusofdespair

FPL free ink in just the past two days -- welcome to our unbiased Miami Herald:


I guess the full page ad they placed on April 4th paid off for FPL. They also got a few letters to the Editor praising them and other perks.



The August 30 primary ballot will have us all voting on an amendment to abate taxes on solar. It will be amendment 4 and it's a very good thing. It will lower the cost of energy.

On the other hand, the utility backed initiative - which they call consumers for Smart solar and we call it Sham solar - will be on the November ballot. Vote NO in November!


Anonymous said...

Local newspapers have a "special relationship" with electric utilities. The reason is simple. Growth is good for profits and for individual wealth creation, it is good for advertising revenue, and in the United States wealth is agnostic about consequences. External factors are assigned to the periphery of concern. The Miami Herald failed to report or only lightly reported on the real problems in the Turkey Point cooling canal system, over a period of decades. It scarcely reported at all on the state's failure to regulate FPL or the significant opposition by activists.

What if the Miami Herald HAD reported the facts, highlighting those facts for ratepayers? For one, the publishers and the executive editors would have been shunned. Castigated. Uninvited from cool parties. Advertisers would threaten withdrawal. It wouldn't be good for careers. The problem of course is that readers are abandoning the Herald in droves. More people read your blog than the Herald, at least where it comes to stories of importance.

Marshmaid said...

The sham solar amendment, put forth by "Consumers for Smart Solar" and on this November's ballot, cost FPL and its cohorts over $7M of our ratepayer dollars, does nothing new except to put existing state regs in the constitution (our right to buy or lease solar panels for our own electricity), and successfully confused over 800,000 Florida voters into signing their petition when they thought they were signing the Floridians For Solar Choice ballot petition. Some signature gatherers even used #flsolarchoice logos while being paid up to $8 per signature. We have never seen such bad faith and fraud in action, even from FPL or its PR firms. Now the #miamiherald is one of them.
Please go to www.flsolarchoice.org, download the real petition, sign it and mail it in. If approved by voters, it will allow us to buy solar electricity from others besides the big utilities with no up front cost. That is what we call choice!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Rachel the Waterkeeper has a strong voice on that 'CEO Roundtable' (whatever that means...).

Anonymous said...

It's really interesting when one contemplates how things are run in South Florida, And there are still people worried about opening up to Cuba.
Crony capitalism against crony Communism, whats there not to like?