Friday, March 04, 2016

The GOP debates are nothing like debates ... by gimleteye

Credit Donald Trump for mercilessly blowing up every sacred cow he touches, including the televised debate "format".

Over a span of forty plus years, I've never watched a televised presidential or vice-presidential debate that was actually a debate. Last night's "presidential" debate proved televised debates are pointless in their current format/s. (Town Hall meetings? Nope.)

It is time for the television networks to change the talking point nonsense.

Image captures relevancy of GOP presidential debate

To listen last night to Marco Rubio questioning the size of Donald Trump's penis is know the presidential debate "format", including sober-faced news professionals, is done, finished, gone.

What is the use of "moderators" anyways, if candidates will not veer from poll-tested scripts? Not a single GOP candidate, not even John Kasich, can stop repeating themselves. Dear God, deliver us from talking points. As a viewer of these television debates, one wants to pray for an electrical outage, for darkness to descend on audience and stage... anything, dear Lord, but this.

I support the Lincoln Douglas debate format. You remember Lincoln, don't you? This format allows candidates to have questions in advance. Two candidates debate the pro and con position of a single question. No moderator needed except for a time keeper. Debaters are required to keep to a clear time format; opening statements, response and rebuttal. How refreshing it would be to give candidates from one party the opportunity to argue the other party's positions and to defend them as well.

What the Lincoln Douglas debate provides is for the audience to gauge the quality of a debater's mind not the size of his ego.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday we stood at the edge of the abbes, today we are a step further!

cyndi said...

Agreed. The debate was entertainment and even that got old at the end.

Anonymous said...

The cast is perfect for the new show Who Wants to Be THE Come Mierda

Anonymous said...

Were they supposed to be debates? I thought they were auditions for The Biggest Fascist Loser...

Anonymous said...

Trump calls Marco a "Choke Artist" and then Rubio questions the size of his dick?