Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Eye on Miami: March 15th Presidential Preference Primary in Florida. By Geniusofdespair

Florida being an un-super State, no surprise there, will be voting not on Super Tuesday which is Today. We will vote March 15th. That makes Florida pretty much irrelevant, except for Marco Rubio. If he loses here it is over for him. Still time to apply for an absentee ballot online if you do it today or tomorrow.

I gave my opinion a couple of weeks ago on who to vote for the Republican Primary. Here are some suggestions from friends and readers on who to vote for in the Democratic Presidential Preference Primary March 15th. We have another primary in August so don't get confused. That primary is actually not a primary but the County Commission and County Mayoral actual Election because it is non-partisan. I think that is why we should do away with non-partisan elections. They do it in August because everyone is away on vacation in August. If the the County elections were partisan it would be in November. We all know their parties anyway so who are we fooling. It's Florida, never makes any sense.

Hillary All The Way said:
Hillary is smart, experienced, realistic and effective. Bernie is idealistic, inspiring and impractical. I wish that our country were ready for the things he is promising he can deliver. It's not and he can't.

Bernie Will Deliver said:
I support Bernie for President because he does not take corporate money, he is not beholden to corporate interests and he has been an independent during his political career.

The two-party system is broken; it does not work for the people. We need a real revolution in our electoral system and we need to overturn the decision in Citizens United. Corporate control of our legislatures and politicians is the root of all the problems we face as a nation. It is time for change, real change, not Obama/Clinton half-hearted, incremental, we negotiate away our core values, kind of change.

Not a Kid Anymore but Big On Bernie  said:
I have given the current state of affairs in our nation much thought and I find that this country needs a voice with integrity, truthfulness and fairness. We are in desperate need of a leader who understands that we are all one and that we will sink or swim together. The politics of racism, separation, hatred, obstructionism and selfishness are meant to deflect responsibility and do not serve our nation.

We need leaders who will work towards world peace and promote inclusion towards solving the many problems that affect our nation and the planet. I find that Bernie Sanders is willing, and will work tirelessly towards that end.

I’m quite certain in my mind that the person who will lead us into a much brighter future is Bernie Sanders.

Clinton For Me said:
I’m voting for Secretary Clinton because I believe she’s the most qualify candidate and it so happens that she’s a woman.  Her agenda meets my aspirations of moving women forward and bring about social change in many areas that need it, as well as the experience to keep us out of unnecessary military engagement. I’m an independent Cuban American woman.

Not a Kid From Cuba But Young at Heart said:
As a 79 years old Cuban American woman I’m supporting Hilary Clinton because I care about the future of my grand children and great grand children.  In a world full of uncertainties I have confidence in her leadership to continue to move our country forward.

Hillary Delegate said:
I was a pledged delegate for Hillary in 2008, and have been waiting since then for her to run again.  This time I have pledged to Hillary as a Super delegate.  I am supporting Hillary Clinton, based on her lifelong commitment to social justice, having a record of working on those issues for decades and specifically to a women's equality in the workplace and women's reproductive health, assuring racial and LGBT equality, her lifelong commitment as a child advocate, her leadership in providing all people with access to healthcare, her  experience in the US Senate, and as Secretary of State preparing her to address the foreign policy issues this country faces.

She is smarter than any of the other candidates running in both parties, the most prepared of all candidates running, has a proven track record of problem solving, and commands the respect of world leaders,business leaders and significantly, the US Senators she has served with.

Pragmatic Democrat said:
She is an adult, believes in science and she has been battle tested with Republicans attacking her for 25 years. She has realistic proposals on health care, College costs, financial markets and immigration.  Hillary has foreign policy experience. She believes in the constitution as the founding fathers envisioned not as the Republicans have interpreted it. She will appoint Supreme Court justices that are rooted in judicial philosophy of the 21st century not the 19th. She believes in a woman's right to choose..climate change.. Equal pay for equal work.  She is tough, smart, yet compassionate.

Did I mention she is an adult AND most importantly she is NOT  Marco Rubio .. Donald Trump .. Ted Cruze GEEZ .. And she can beat these Neanderthals while Bernie probably can't.

Hillary is my Captain said:
The decision for Democrats is simply one of qualifications and competence.  To be POTUS, a candidate has to be prepared to protect our interests around the globe and manage a foreign policy agenda that will keep the peace. Secretary of State Clinton has the experience and skills to protect our interests.  Senator Sanders has a very long history of service to an extremely small state, where his views are tolerated.  Fortunately, his influence on the direction of the country has been unremarkable. The Sanders' rants have been entertaining, and it has benefited the Democratic debate to have his oar in the water. But now is the time to line up behind the woman who can steer the ship of state toward a better future. 

As you can see, I don't have a lot of Bernie Supporter friends but any supporters of any candidate for President can weigh in in comments today. EVEN Rubio supporters.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that scares me about the candidates is the bright prospect olfor perpetual war.

Anonymous said...

This years POTUS election is part circus side show (republican candidates dissing each other like school children) and democrats worried that a jewish 70's year old democratic socialist is not electable. The winners of todays primary will probably determine who represents each party. A Trump Clinton debate should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Youngsters only vote in Presidential elections. That is short-sighted. It leaves us vulnerable in the other branches of government.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above reference "youngsters," you are correct. But it isn't just youngsters. It is all registered voters.

All politics begin locally. And while many are focused on the Presidential election, there are issues here in the 305 and FL that have a much greater impact on our lives and the lives of our families.

Hillary in my lifetime said...

I agree with Hillary Delegate. She is most prepared to be a responsible President. I am really sick of seeing her pounded for her lack of integrity-- that tired repugnant republican strategy (sort of like the Big Lie -- say it often enough . . .). I have watched her for years, Bernie too, but she has commanded the stage and fought many unpopular causes -- like supporting women and children. Oh yeah, they always say they do, but they are mostly absent from the front lines. Time for our misogynistic nation to get over our fearful hobgoblins and vote for a woman who can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

HRC--best gop'er in the race by far

Anonymous said...

i would like to vote in another year or so. I am not in shape to take this stress right now.

Geniusofdespair said...

Come on play with the big boys! This is not a spectator sport. Don't be a sissy unless you are voting for Cruz or Rubio.

ZWoman said...

Well Hillary will be meeting with her corporate sponsor lobbyists for a giant fundraiser after her Super Tuesday win. As Americans, we get the politicians their corporate sponsors pay for. Don't fool yourselves Hillary followers, she is a supreme corporatist and will follow her corporate masters' wishes. I will vote for her over T-Rump in a New York minute, but I will be holding my nose for the next four years.