Saturday, March 05, 2016

Eye on Miami Picture of the Week: City of Miami District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell. By Geniusofdespair

City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell was on hand to answer audience questions March 3rd at the Urban Environment League event at the Perez (Ick) Art Museum. Audience: Just so you know -- your speeches with a question tacked on the end are such a bore. We didn't go to the forum to hear your speech. Stop with the speeches. Just ask the damn question.

The auditorium was packed to hear the new commissioner, a yo-yo mogul, who replaced Marc Sarnoff (another Ick).  He is a breath of fresh air, let's hope he stays the really good guy he is now.

I was glad to hear a fellow blogger inspired him to run: He said something Al Crespo wrote did it for him.  Thank you Al.


Anonymous said...

Those annoying "sharing statements" - personal opinions - wrapped in a pretend question. The question and answer period of an event has become the time to get up and leave, get a head start to the valet. I am usual there to hear the speaker and not for some dumbass to try to impress us with some stupid diatribe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you re: the speech questions. I especially hate the long intros on who they are. It's a huge issue at every Q&A in Miami. At Robert Reich at the Miami Book Fair we literally had to shout at every other question asker. It's so obnoxious and rude to the audience and the people behind you in line that don't get to ask a question because time runs out. I suggest everyone shout 'Ask your question!' in the future when this happens. Don' let the rude idiots of Miami continue this nonsense!

al crespo said...

It was very kind of Ken to say that something I wrote encouraged him to run...if only my words were that influential, then a lot of people who I think should resign from office would have already left.

I will say that I am very happy that Ken did decide to run, and more importantly that he had the skills and talent necessary for him to win. I think that he offers real hope for the future, and that even though over time he will make decisions that might not please everyone, he will make them from conviction and not from having his hand out, like his predecessor.

I'm sorry that I missed the meeting, but sometimes the real world demands some attention, and I'll be out of own for a while. I will however continue to post occasional stories because your dont have to be in Miami to write about Miami.

Anonymous said...

Me too, was quite impressed with Ken Russell approach to problem solving.
Let's also hope that his call to help him by showing up and rallying the troops will not be forgotten soon.

By reading between the lines of what Ken Russell said, it's really the Commission, Mayor, and various departments that create the situations we sometimes scratch our heads about.

Wish Ken well, sorry I'm not in his District.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ken Russell keeps the independent spirit he campaigned on and doesn't go along with the administration or Mayors development plans for public lands, especially Virginia Key. He mentioned the plans the City has as if he were a bystander in the process. Huh?

Anonymous said...

Ken Russell already showed a bad side for championing the up zoning of park land on Watson Island so several scammers can make money. Upzoning? Exactly what Sarnoff would have done.