Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We've talked about the Black Bears and the Manatees. Now What? By Geniusofdespair

Death Row Inmates at Raiford - I am sure they are not fond of people who are annoying.
The Blog Etiquitte Guru Says...we are killing black bears because they go through your garbage and we are not protecting manatees because their protection makes you go slow with your boat. But we haven't figured out the biggest problem.

What do we do about all the annoying people here in South Florida? You, annoying people, you know who you are. You like to cut in on auto lines waiting to turn and then curse and wave your fist if no one will let you cut in. You are the one that swerves in front of a car without enough room, causing them to have to break abruptly. Additionally:

You don't wash your hands in the bathroom.

You vote when you don't know who your voting for. Cuban, Black, White, that is all you need to know. Please do not vote if you don't know what you are doing.

You ignore the rules, they are for the OTHER people not you.

You blast your music so others can't enjoy their own. Person: I don't like your damn music.

You abuse the health system going to the emergency room for non threatening illness.

You are a developer who makes promises to homeowners and then reneges on them.

You text/make calls while you drive and don't pay attention to driving.

You lift solemn promises to the public like long term deed restrictions.

You are a chronic bully putting slapp suits on anyone you don't agree with.

You flood bad politicians with big bucks for your own selfish motives.

You have walled off the waterfront from the public with your McMansion.

You get my drift. You probably have done some of these annoying things: Stop it!

But what do we do about chronically annoying people? I say we have a people hunt. Maybe we don't kill them (maybe) but we drive them up to Tallahassee and leave them there to annoy our legislature en masse. Or we can drive them over the border of Florida and throw them out of the bus in Georgia, or just leave them in Starke:
Starke, Florida is poised for continued growth for years to come. Whether you have lived in Starke all your life, or have recently moved here, you will quickly understand that it is a very special place. 

Yes it is a place where a private citizen can be paid $150 per execution they perform. My vote would be to sentence everyone who is annoying to live in Starke for one full year. It is only a 20 minute drive to Raiford State prison (11 miles). When the South Florida annoying people return they would have some sense beaten into them by the the many prisons guards that live around there. You don't annoy off duty prison guards for long nor do you slapp a lawsuit on them. In case you want to look at prisoners, here is your chance. It is good reading, you even get a description of all their tats. You can see the 'way beyond' annoying people the prison guards in Starke are dealing with.


Anonymous said...

Delving into the why of people's psyche - the selfishness of short-term thinking points out that insensitive and behavior is a symptom of a society that has challenging issues to overcome. Unless our children get socialized early-on, future generations become callous to the toxic attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Serial texters in cars, that is most annoying...off to Starke!

Anonymous said...

Many people feel their time is more valuable than yours so they cut ahead, expect special treatment. This is a symptom of me me me. Why play by the rules when you can get away with bad behavior. Why are so many people with suspended licenses and no insurance driving? Get them off the roads, it is already gridlock for legal drivers.

Anonymous said...

When red carpet treatment is given to one group through racist Wet Foot Dry Foot policy then the beneficiaries believe it is their right to push in front of the line everywhere therefore the whole society is going to feel it is acceptable to trample on everyone's rights. We should have monthly Metro bus event to the everglades and feed the alligators with annoying persons of every race, background and creed.

Anonymous said...

Selfish. That is what we are teaching kids . Most of your examples are people being selfish. They shouldn't just visit Starke they need a stay in Raiford. They wouldn't stay selfish for long.

Anonymous said...

By watching ABC Channel 10, I end up seeing commercials for the Bachelor. OMG! People degrading themselves for sloppy seconds with a facade of wealth and fame. That's what we are feeding our impressionable, evolved-from-monkey minds.

Anonymous said...

I think for every Manatee and Bear and Panther that is killed we should be able to have a permitted hunt for a lobbyist, unethical politician , developer or anyone else that has made it their business to harm the state of Florida.
For every scientist that was forced to resign or fired for telling the truth and doing their job, you should be able to hunt a trio of Lobbyist, Developer and Politician.
And no I don't mean hunt to kill- how bout capture and release in say, North Dakota with only the clothes on their backs.

Anonymous said...

There are over 350 million US resident/citizens. I believe each and every one of us deserves to slaughter our own God-given bear. No one gets their own dead bear until there are 350 million bears for the killing on our public lands.

Anonymous said...

.....and let's not forget the forever 'whiners', that have nothing better to do but whine about everything, looking for faults and critize on blogs like EOM, ...venting all day long

Geniusofdespair said...

What about the serial readers, like you, of the venting whiners?