Sunday, January 10, 2016

Manatees Know Not What They Do. By Geniusofdespair

Manatee Protection: Going, Going, Gone.

I have a go fast boat. We were going slowly down the Little River with a man on the bow watching for manatees (the Little River is a popular spot for the mammals). There was a scream of "Shut it off!"  We shut off the engines because about 6 inches from the top of the water almost touching the boat were 3 manatees, 1 a baby in a lazy float not in the least deterred by our boat. We shut off the engines and watched the manatees float by under our boat as we floated in the other direction. Yes, these dear creatures need our protection.

After that incident I realized, Manatees don't know to get out of  our way. We have to get out of theirs. Do you hear that officials? Take it to heart.

Did I mention that the Feds delisted the Manatee this week as an endangered species:
Mike Oetker, southeast regional director for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, announced the reclassification of the West Indian manatee from endangered to threatened during a press conference at the Miami Seaquarium on Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016. "We believe the manatee is no longer endangered," he said

Slow boat zones for manatees are hardly enough, but expect them to be eased into speed zones soon. You think Leonard DiCaprio's back is scarred in the movie Revenant, just look at our fellow mammal's back from boat incidents. That is how they identify these creatures: by their scars.


Response to Feds from Save the Manatee Club.


Ross said...

Manatees as a species may or may not be endangered, I can't say for sure. But as individuals, they are incredibly vulnerable, and it is simply heartless and cruel to reduce their protections from powerboats.

Anonymous said...

Wait! I thought boaters were the "original conservationists." How could they advocate such a heinous delisting? Wait! I though the Fish and wildlife agencies were there to protect (not puncture) fish and wildlife? How could they announce this delisting claiming success! in saving manatees with a straight face and cattle miami Seaquarium (for profit prisoner of orcas and dolphins) no less? We have to confront these agency directors and boating industry people anywhere they lurk. How about save the manatee signs at the upcoming Miami Boat Show on Virginia Key?

Anonymous said...

Really surprised the announcement was at the Miami Seaquarium.

Also getting sick of entitled boaters. Realized this while waiting with hundreds of others as a bridge on NE 79th St opened TWICE in 15 minutes for single boats (containing maybe 3-4 people?). Get a smaller boat, keep it on the ocean, or wait at least an hour. Otherwise it's complete nonsense for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

One of the additional reason, for Manatees to congregate at Little River, is the fresh water spring, located at the east corner of Manatee Bend Park. Located west of NE 5th Avenue. It's a great spot to watch these animals up close from the see wall.

Skip Van Cel said...

Such asshats. Manatee bend is a great place to spot these beautiful creatures right in our urban backyard. I am appalled at some of the boats I see speeding on the little River. And don't even get me started about the jet skis. Francisco Garcia approved a jet ski operation just up River from Manatee Bend. Fortunately the state and the Feds stepped in and the guy could not make it profitable so he closed up shop. Why didn't he start manatee kayak/canoe tours? The shortsightedness in this city/state is unbelievable. Btw, we are getting into prime manatee sighting season, so take advantage of Manatee Bend park and go see them. Before they are gone.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance but i guess I spend too much time going to the Keys rather than downtown to be aware of bridge openings.

When we lived in a small town in Wisconsin, we had a main street with a bridge that was too low for most boats to get under. During the summer months, the bridge had scheduled openings so you knew when it was going up. The boaters had to wait for the bridge to open not the cars waiting for the bridge to close.

Except for commercial boats, why isn't this implemented in Miami? Leisure boating is just that, while a lot of people in cars are not out just for a pleasure ride but to actually accomplish something?

The longer I live here, the less I like it. This place is not for the people in general but for the privileged few.

cyndi said...

google Crystal river/ pacific legal foundation they love this stuff they do it for free. Then they feed the info the tea party who do say just about anything.

Bob Bishopric said...

The ink on the reclassification is not even dry and this morning the Brevard County commissioners are considering removing speed restrictions in manatee protection zones. The commissioner making the proposal thinks that the regulations are excessive and impinge on boater rights. Further the proposal would prohibit local law enforcement from enforcing any federal restrictions on speed in the manatee protection areas. The Indian River and Banana River estuaries are home to some of the greatest concentrations of manatees and other protected wildlife. This is craziness.

cyndi said...

All we can do is document who these people are and what they are doing. It's horrible.