Thursday, December 10, 2015

Urban Environment League's Orchids and Onions Awards. By Geniusofdespair

County Commission Chair Jean Monestime gave a stirring keynote speech.
Grace Solares, Urban Environment League President, Presented the Awards

I Captured only some of the award winners:

Emerge Miami got the Community Organizing award. They gave the best speech that made everyone in the audience chuckle. They said they had to get the younger generation involved to take over as they were almost out of their 20's. We were all thinking, that is what you are here for, you are the younger generation to take over for us!
Gary Hunt got the Environmental Restoration Award
Daniel Ciraldo received the Enid Pinkney Award for Historic Preservation
Liz Plater-Zyberk was on hand to present an award to Nathaniel Connolly. He was not there but Greg Bush of the Urban Environment League accepted the award.
Blanca Mesa received the Dan Paul Award for Public Waterfront Protection
County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava got the Katy Sorenson Award for Government Ethics.
Biscayne Times Publisher Jim Mullin got the David Lawrence, Jr. Award for Public Information.
No Awards on this one, I just liked this photo of County Commission Chair Jean Monestime and Former County Commissioner Katy Sorenson
UEL Board Member, Scientist John Van Leer urged everyone to join the Citizens Climate Lobby
As I said I did not include all the award winners go to UEL.Org or their Facebook page to see the rest.

The Onions went to Climate Change Deniers: Rick Scott, our Awful Governor; and Marco Rubio, our absent, awful Senator. County Commissioner Pepe Diaz also got an onion and it wasn't for drunken driving. Jonah Wolfson got an onion for his PAC.


Anonymous said...

What a great group of activists! Well deserved recognition to their tireless efforts and their causes, which are all our caused. Hope the elected officials learn from them and start governing in the public interest.

youbetcha' said...

I am sorry I missed this event. It is fun and always a warm community to visit with. Activists are such a hoot when they are off the public education train and just having fun with each other!

Anonymous said...

If you had a "like" button, I'd press it for each of the photos.

Anonymous said...

Great event. Unfortunately, the "orchids" that were displayed are only one species that is sold commercially in South Florida. I don't expect to see Ghost Orchids or any one of the other endangered orchid species that grow in Florida but please, can they include something other than the Walmart of orchids, Phalaenopsis?

Anonymous said...

The Urban Environment League does a great job with many hard working volunteers. Besides UEL people many other activist groups were represented at the event. Thanks to everyone who attended.