Monday, September 14, 2015

Stephen Cody Says There is Miami Beach Election Corruption: And he is Getting Damn Good at his Videos. By Geniusofdespair

Watch out Stephen, Philip Levine just loves the SLAPP suit. I know you are a trained, albeit suspended lawyer, so I am sure you are expecting one. One suggestion: Don't use those computer generated babies. Don't like them. But I think you have a second career as a satirical videographer. Do one on Gimenez and his speech on climate change --- Talk about a fish out of water, a speaker at a Climate Change Conference in Los Angeles. I wish I could be there. Note: Philip Levine I did not say you are corrupt.

In Miami Beach, if you are going to have something heard before the Commission you cannot give a campaign contribution. This PAC was formed to circumvent the rules. Shameless boys!

(if you don't see video here is the link)
Cody says:
Political corruption is like pregnancy. Either you are. Or you aren't. There's no in between. Jonah Wolfson and Phil Levine shook down Miami Beach vendors, developers, hotels, and lobbyists for $1.5 million. These are folks who can't give directly to Beach candidates. Levine and Wolfson's goal was to elect three candidates so that Levine would have a rubber stamp commission. When the people realized how corrupt their PAC was, Wolfson said they were giving the money back. But only really half of it. You can't be half pregnant. And you can't be just half corrupt.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't he write books with Natacha Seijas? Wasn't he her lawyer too and Lynda Bell's lawyer?

Geniusofdespair said...

Yep, you nailed him.

Anonymous said...

Miami Beach is totaly corrupt. City is so transient that it works. The convention center and all those other projects get built to attract business for the developers. These local projects have nothing to do with the average tax paying residential owner. Any city that has its own police department, fire department, code, building, and special master system has any easy way to hide corruption. The internal memos of Miami Beach cover everything up.

Unknown said...

Corruption is better described as a slippery slope than pregnancy. One foot on the slope is treacherous. Many regain their footing while others enter a headlong slide to the bottom. Some are lured in, others dive in willingly. Don't be afraid of seeing gray areas as gray, because without taking them on and thinking (heaven forbid) you miss the opportunity to understand the dangers of subtle processes and the opportunity to devise effective remedies.

Anonymous said...

$500+ Million for a new Convention Center? Why? The current Center was only used 88 days in 2014. It is a dying business.