Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Just Got My Dream Job In District 8. By Geniusofdespair

I am the Chief Lobbyist Liaison for the Commissioner. I get to meet with them all to hear their bullshit and made-up crap about their projects jobs first and then I would recommend whether their projects are worthy to present to the Commissioner. Probably none are.

Don't you think this is a good idea? If only it were true but I am afraid it is a DREAM without the job part. The only problem for all of you would be, I would take bribes, plenty of them and they wouldn't fit in white envelopes. I would require those big post office plastic sack envelopes. But don't despair I would have lotteries for all of you with half the money each month. I would share my bribe money.

Be careful what you wish for.

Have a great Sunday … and a great launch to BBC Music from a great American songwriter, Brian Wilson

My Salute to Music. By Geniusofdespair

I saw the Doctor in New York....

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mayor Regalado: Full of surprises, now on the Nail Clipper. By Geniusofdespair

Eye on Miami's Version of SkyRise Miami a.k.a. the Nail Clipper. By the way that green space in the foreground is Parcel B where they want to put the unfunded museum.

Today the Miami Herald reported that Mayor Tomas Regalado, City of Miami Mayor, is not supporting County Funding of this project. The City of Miami had a referendum and the campaign pledge said to voters no public dollars, it would be privately funded.

County funds  are also  paid by City residents. City of Miami citizens pay both. So the referendum language would be a lie and it got 68% approval from the brain-dead voters.
Regalado said: "we can't continue to do things differently from what we promise the people"..."this isn't about $9 million. It's a moral issue."

...I don’t have control over the county but I do feel the county should consider what the people of Miami voted for and were told,” Regalado said.
 Mayor Gimenez, I think this pot of money is being misused. The way Burgess and Nero designed it, it should be used for projects that were to generate large number of well paying jobs AND incremental taxes  the Skyrise project is .. Not really going back to the "original intent." 

Frank Nero, former head of the Beacon Council, said about the two projects proposed by Gimenez: "These are bread and "circus" type projects: Low paying tourist type jobs not the high paying above median wage jobs /with high incremental taxes which WERE the original  targets.

But he did say they were better than the little projects that the county commission committee voted on Thursday.

Read more here:

On the FIU expansion, Guest Blog by Barry White

It was reported 9/3/14 that the Miami-Dade commission approves ballot questions for FIU expansion, new courthouse.

I don't think anyone has put the real cost figures to Youth Fair/FIU proposal.

A 1.92 acre commercial parcel across the street from the Youth Fair grounds at 2500 SW 107 Street is valued at $1,306,807 per acre by the Miami Dade County Property Appraiser. At that rate, the 64 acres which would be provided to FIU are worth $83,635,648. If you add that to the estimated cost of relocating the Youth Fair as stated in the Miami Herald on August 27, 2014 of "up to $80 million in construction and another $150 million in road and service improvements" we are looking at a subsidy to FIU of almost $394,000,000.

Thats about $131 for every man, woman and child in Miami Dade County. If I want to give charity to a non-profit corporation, I will choose it, thank you. And will get a tax deduction for it too.

While FIU is considered a public university, it is a private 501 (C) 3 corporation essentially answerable only to itself. They say they will spend $900 million to build out the 64 acres. Fine, then let them at least cough up to money to break the current lease and move the Youth Fair. Better idea. Let FIU find some other site for expansion within the UDB.

And do we really need to destroy another park facility for this move? We have little enough park land as it is. Has anyone checked lately to see if Miami Dade County and its municipalites are in concurence with FL Statute 163 regarding the required amount of park space to issue a building permit?; must be getting pretty close to or beneath the required amount.

Is anyone watching the store?

Barry J. White
President, Citizens Against Non-Concurrency Taskforce, Inc./CANT

Vote For Eugene Flinn in Palmetto Bay. Guest Blog By Suz Rice

Letter to the editor of Miami Herald:

As a long-time community advocate living in Palmetto Bay, I am very disappointed in the maneuverings occurring in the village’s election process. I know each of the candidates from my community work and cannot help but wonder what is going in our little world.

While I appreciate the efforts of the current council (not entirely, since I find some of them anti-homeowner), I sense that our village has gone from the Village of Parks and a happy family-oriented community to a conflict-ridden Village of Darkness.

I have watched the interaction of the candidates, not only for the past few years, but throughout this campaign season. It goes without saying that Eugene Flinn looks to be excited and wanting to be mayor for all the right reasons. He is experienced and led Palmetto Bay through some rough waters in our early years.

As I listen to the village meetings, I find it sad that so many community activities which made the village a great place to raise my kids have gotten lost in the political shuffle. The bickering and finger pointing between the current council and their friends is childish and just plain stupid.

Our neighborhoods are being hit with break-ins. My car’s tail light was shot with a BB gun narrowly missing me as I loaded the trunk. And congestion along Old Cutler and throughout our community is now at gridlock earlier than ever before. It can only get worse as more density encroaches on our community. How many people, how much traffic and private schools can we endure and still be able to drive to work or accomplish our daily activities as a resident?

From where I sit, Flinn is the only candidate prepared to bring us back to our roots. Eugene understands what it takes to make a community a hometown; he is a fiscal conservative; he is a forward thinker with the energy to build coalitions with other governmental entities to shape and strengthen the village’s future.

Flinn has great discernment and had great outcomes for us when he was our founding leader.

Vote for Charlie Crist - Endorsed by the Miami Herald and Eye on Miami

Friday, October 17, 2014

Walmart: Please don't make me cry. By Geniusofdespair

The one and only issue that has me the saddest is the fucking Walmart moving into our rare endangered forest (sold by the University of Miami). It is pine rockland,  the Miami Herald calls it among the world's most impreriled habitats.  Even the Feds say the shopping center is likely to kill endangered species.

This by far is the worst thing happening in Miami Dade County and makes me feel like giving up. Walmart sucks. They don't give a shit. Why don't the do a land trade for a more suitable parcel?

FPL on the rampage again

Fla. utility petitions to let ratepayers fund fight against EPA rule proposal
Annie Snider, E&E reporter
Published: Thursday, October 16, 2014

Florida's largest electric utility is asking state regulators to let ratepayers pick up the tab for its lobbying against an Obama administration proposal that would expand areas of wetlands and waterways entitled to automatic protection under the Clean Water Act.

Florida Power & Light Co.'s petition to the Public Utility Commission seeks approval of plans to have ratepayers pay for its advocacy under a state law allowing utilities to recover environmental-compliance costs.

The petition filed by FPL in July says the company would study the rule proposal's potential impacts on the utility, file comments with the Obama administration and advocate its positions with state and federal policymakers. Estimated cost: $228,500.

"FPL contends that the proposed rule revisions are overreaching and in conflict with the United States Supreme Court decisions regarding [Waters of the U.S., or WOUS]," FPL told the commission. "These proposed changes could result in [Clean Water Act] requirements applying to existing and future power plant, transmission, distribution, pipeline and renewable energy generation related projects that would not be subject to those requirements under the current WOUS definition."

FPL spokeswoman Sarah Gatewood said the utility's advocacy is aimed at saving ratepayers money. A study of four FPL plants found complying with the new rule would cost about $25 million per site for retrofits like installing new technology to meet water quality requirements at cooling ponds, she said.

"Those are significant costs that our customers would have to pay that could cost our customers millions and millions of dollars, and so we would like to get involved and advocate in the process now to prevent those costs from being necessary," Gatewood said.

Environmentalists call the FPL move an "unconscionable" attack on protections for wetlands that filter pollution, buffer floodwater and provide wildlife habitat and recreational space.

"FPL's attempt to recover nearly a quarter of a million dollars from its customers is egregious," Alisa Coe, an attorney with Earthjustice, told reporters today on a conference call held by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Clean Water Action and Earthjustice. "They are using a law meant to help companies pay for pollution control measures and instead are using it to attack environmental protections."

My Friends You are Missing a Lot By Rejecting the Miami Herald -- Like your own money. By Geniusofdespair

“The administration is calling a timeout,” said Mike Hern├índez," 

Lynda Bell at Yesterday's Meeting - It is clear she blames the Mayor for Her Loss.

Lynda Bell looking tired and defeated, calls the mayor's action Schizophrenic, but she didn't hesitate to get a grant for her biggest contributor for a crummy garage complex (Jobs?). I think not. Xavier Suarez why are you voting for this crap to insiders? If you were smart you would be on the same page as Juan Zapata, who is the lone person with any sense on this committee. Carrie Meek is dragged into county hall to get money for her defunct company in OpaLocka (reporter Hanks said it doesn't have a phone number).

Yes, if you read Douglas Hank's reports over the past few months you would know what is going on WITH YOUR MONEY - $75 Million of your tax dollars. Why do I have to write over again what a reporter already wrote extremely well? Do you know about Miami Dade County? Do you know that they get most of your tax money? This $75 Million is being given as perks. The intent of jobs jobs jobs is not part of these projects. You all have to stop this. Pepe Diaz and Barbara Jordan are complete idiots. Xavier Suarez: You have to start getting independent of these bad bad votes and start helping Juan defend his position with your gift of high intelligence. You can't sit by and remain on the fence and let things happen around you. I want you to lead if you want to run for Mayor. You have to shape policy. This was bad policy. Juan Zapata was right this should be delayed and looked at again now that Josh Gelfman is gone. This appears to be all his doing.

I have to give Mayor Gimenez credit for trying to change lanes, even though it was last minute. He was right. The commissioners are up to their old tricks of taking a pot of money and giving it to their pals, getting no jobs from the money or just a few.

 I am going to print 3 Doug Hanks articles in "read more" and I hope the Miami Herald doesn't get mad at me. My advice is order the damn newspaper or don't EVER complain about your tax money. I don't know why you complain anyway, you vote for bonds don't you?  NOW READ SO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS ISSUE. AND AFTER YOU READ LEAVE COMMENTS.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mayor Carlos Gimenez does a Turn Away from the "Slush Fund" And Makes Some Sense. By Geniusofdespair

 I reported on this yesterday....The Economic Development Fund 124

OK this is a good thing. Gimenez said to the Miami Herald that "...we need to go back to the original intent" on the Economic Development Fund 124 of $75 million. He said further "These projects we have right now...they're good projects but they're not really game-changing projects."

Wayne Rosen, Carrie Meek and Leonard Abess Jr. won't get their projects funded. That is also a good thing.  Wayne and Leonard could paper my walls with hundred dollar bills with all the money they have and yours too and maybe mine again (please).

SkyRise Miami looks suspiciously like this.

The strange part of this, Gimenez is supporting giving to SkyRise Miami (dubbed by Gimleteye as the nail clipper building, Al Crespo's photo). The dumb as dirt, lunatic people in the City of Miami approved this project so it does have public support even though it doesn't have mine.

What is going to happen today at the Committee meeting? Will the other funding idea be withdrawn, now without the Mayor's support, or fought for by the recipients? Commissioner Zapata is still against that funding. He called it "The Mother of all Slush Funds".  As of yesterday Zapata was still soundly against it.

Gimenez also wants to help fund the theme park at Zoo Miami. It is a good thing as that area needs jobs. However, they have to stay away from sensitive land out there. That project might count as a "Game Changer." I don't know, I think the Mayor needs to find better game changers. Here is another idea, don't fund anything. Save us from having to pay for anything that doesn't entice NEW companies to come to Miami Dade County with many good jobs.

My guess, Gimenez is trying to do the right thing now without his advisor Josh Gelfman. The projects aren't perfect but they are better. I was under the impression we were attracting business from other places, but I am not sure. Maybe Gimenez should start making his own decisions. He would get in less trouble.

Or maybe he finally turned on that fan under his desk.