Monday, December 07, 2015

The NRA is destroying America ... by gimleteye

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives there are 110,000,000 rifles and 86,000,000 shotguns in America. Those are 2009 statistics.

196,000,000 x 45" average length / 12" / 5280 = 136,000 linear miles of rifles.

136,000 / 2568 miles (NY to SF) = 57 times across America.

Ave gun height 5" x 57 / 12" = 24 feet wide.

So we could pave a transcontinental highway with rifles and run at least two Ford F-250's side by side with a passing lane.

I don't know what we would do with 114,000,000 handguns, maybe protect ourselves from the NRA?


Anonymous said...

Federal government should give everybody a one shot musket gun with a 6' barrel. That's the only weapon you can own.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

2012 number of firearm deaths according to CDC 33,636. What is the number of injured? What is the calculable measurement of losses caused by each gunshot hitting a human being in the USA? Tax the industry and gun owners accordingly.

D Crocketa said...

There were 33,561 deaths due to auto accidents in 2012....lets make everyone by bicycle, ride horses or walk.

There are over 300 million guns out there in USA to recover them we would have to turn the US into a police state and violate almost every aspect of Constitution and Bill of Rights.

For now I would be ok with eliminating Gun Show loopholes and adding an extra layer or two of verification for those on no-fly list (for those on there erroneously). The rest of gun control is BS terrorist had machine guns in Paris where there are stringent gun control laws.

Anonymous said...

D Crocketa, the difference is Paris was not a weekly occurrence there. We've had 350+ mass shootings in this country THIS YEAR. And the auto accidents analogy is completely stupid (and I'm sure you know that).

See Australia (and pretty much any other developed country) on why 'the rest of gun control' is NOT BS.

An aggressive response to fear will almost always get you in trouble. I don't need to be shot by your gun because you're irrationally afraid.

Anonymous said...

Florida Title Transfer Fee $78.25
Registration Fee $36.10
New Plate Fee $28.00
Initial Registration Fee $225.00
Total Cost $377.35

What is the cost of getting a driver license and how much gasoline taxes and tolls are paid for every mile a car is driven to take you and your loved ones from point A to point B?

D Crocketa said...

You can't compare the US to Australia Demographically, Geographically and sheer #s, it's apples and oranges. I have had a concealed carry permit for over 25 years and I haven't shot you (or anyone else) in that time, you probably have more important things to worry about (climate change).

Speaking of aggressive response to fear, trampling on the constitution could be considered as one. The constitution can be changed and it has in the past so if you want to negate the second amendment or any other, there is a process in place.

Last Anon...there is a cost to obtaining and renewing concealed weapons permit, and when I shoot my gun at the range I pay for the bullets (guns and bullets are taxed heavily), plus I would hate to be in a place with my loved ones and not be able to at least increase the chances they can get out of a dangerous situation (hiding under the table hoping we don't get shot should not be my only option, I'm agnostic so I can't even pray). Vehicle registration fees are waaAAAAay out of control.

Anonymous said...

The same principles applied to Ayatollahs' nukes weapons should be applied to the gun crazed here.

Zwoman said...

I am so fed up with the ammosexuals and their gun perversions, and the gun manufacturers with their bloodlust and that goddam Wayne LaPierre (a man with a microphallus if ever there was one) I am ready to round up all the guns, they think it's happening anyway, let's just do it. Round them up, knock on doors and take their GD guns away. I am sick, sick, sick of them.They are too crazy and stupid to have guns anyway. What don't they understand about "well regulated militia" !!!

Anonymous said...

Whyt was the comment deleted?

cyndi said...

If they would clean up the watch list that would be a good start. You can buy round and round of ammo and many other things on line. Just ask Siri. At Ammo online.

cyndi said...

Just yesterday our Martin County Sheriff showed video so we can protect ourselves from a shooter, talked about how he needed all the new equipment told us all to go buy a gun basically.
On CBS new it was reported that the shooter in san bernadino shot his victims because he thought they hated him. (doesn't make it right but its certainly not a reason to go to war)
The GOP preys on hate. The NRA preys on hate.

Anonymous said...

I have been anti-guns my entire life. Now, at the age of 65, with all the craziness going on, and the eagerness of our president to disarm America, I am going to take classes and buy myself a gun.