Monday, December 07, 2015

Miami Herald on Hudstead Emperor: Wayne Rosen and his quest for Hud funds. By geniusofdespair

...and the Emperor has no clothes.

Why Homestead needs a Mayor is beyond me. Rosen has been running the City for years.

Looks like the Miami Herald has finally tried to uncover some of Wayne Rosen's shenanigans in Hudstead with their front page story: Developer wants poverty-fighting funds to rehab Homestead country club. The Rosen stuff has been going on long enough. The Hurricane Andrew riddled city of Homestead was ready for Wayne Rosen and his longtime (recently deceased) partner Michael Latterner (Rosen is now suing Paige Latterner and family). I wrote about this golf course  and also this HUD proposal because in my opinion it is an improper use of HUD money.

Hud spokesman:
Brian Sullivan told the Miami Herald that all applications “would have to benefit low-to moderate-income residents, eliminate slum or blight, or respond to some type of urgent need, such as a hurricane.”

Sullivan added that the application would have “to articulate which three of these standards this golf course is going to meet” and that all applications go through thorough review.
With all the needs of the Community, this is not a good use of HUD funds. Really, the jobs angle is just not enough. Not enough jobs and really, do you want to use public funds to have poor people serving rich people? Seems wrong. If Rosen wants to build a  luxury golf course tell him to look to the Soffer's THEY PAID WITH THEIR OWN MONEY FOR THE REFURBISHING of the two Turnberry golf courses.  Wayne I like your idea. But you are rich, you do not need Hud money, don't be heartless. Open that pocket of yours and pay for it.

I don't see this golf course working: The greens fee and cost to join (so Rosen can make a profit) will be beyond the average Keys Gate resident's budget. Hudsteaders should look at the costs of joining other courses around Miami. Is this a feasible project that will have long lasting jobs?



Anonymous said...

Jorge Perez made a fortune from HUD money when he was starting out. Look at him now. Then Ernesto Perez, et al with Pell Grants being the newest tax payer funded scam. Maybe Rosen is jealous he's not a billionaire and is re thinking his business plan should be tax payer funded as it's "free" money for the taking being given to the right campaign donor from the right politicians!

Anonymous said...

The expose` says it all Rosen buys HUDstead politicians, HUDstead politicians order the city manager and city attorney to make it so. The lies that come out of HUDstead are incredible. This is not about jobs for the impoverished.

Anonymous said...

LOL kids, just ROTFLMAO! Did you think for a second that the money Waynoo was putting in Burgess, Roth and Faircloth's coffers was for naught? He already owns Porter and Shelly and Williams well he goes to the highest bidder like the City Attorney Richard "Politico" Weiss. I mean really, I sit back and laugh at the shenanigans that continue to roll in Homestead. Larry Roth you say? The stand up gentleman with the Non Profit for the kids" or Keyes very on manager whatever his name is running the whole place behind the scenes. Its really going to be interesting when the real wizard of OZ Lynda Bello is revealed. Hey, new golf course houses for everyone, well unless your poor and live in the southwest section. Hey they just want your CDBG money, not you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the name of the corporation seeking the cash should be changed from LAND BARON VIII LLC to Clubbing For Jobs, what do you think?

A marketing plan doomed from the inception. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

I assume Lynda Bell is in the mix. she is running about having her pic taken with certain politicians and she is very quiet publicly around here.

I was by the hotel about 2 weeks ago at dinner time and there were 3 cars in the back. The cars were towards the back of the lot, so I guess you have to assume that they were employees or that the place had been very busy 30 minutes before and all the guests left, leaving parking spaces galore.

Gosh, Homestead is going to be the next Kendall. All traffic and no way to go anywhere for work.

Anonymous said...

GREAT PIC..........

Anonymous said...

Hudstead council equals posers.

Anonymous said...

You never know what someone is thinking but it strikes me that the same people gave to the same commission candidates. That in itself elevates the process to one of a conspiratorial paradigm. The Miami Herald appears to have done their homework tying it all up with a bow for prosecutors. This looks like bribery for support just stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

The new name will be the Poor Man's Country Club a classic double entendre.

William Dingley said...

I'm all for brown!

I do not agree with using public funds for projects not intended for those funds.

He has some chutzpah even thinking to grab public funds for his golf course - or any golf course.

What a joke that it got this far!