Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Aventura LA Fitness Sucks. by Geniusofdespair

The Aventura, Florida branch of LA Fitness sucks. The management of LA Fitness sucks. The Trainers at LA Fitness suck.  If you want a truly bad experience, join the LA Fitness in Aventura. I speak from experience. They call you a liar, when you make a report and they side with the trainers. LA Fitness Aventura gives you goofball explanations. A woman sitting across the two lanes of the track: Low blood sugar.  Of course, the trainer was just sitting watching her. Saying, "I am training her" instead of administering help at the Aventura LA Fitness. They care about new members for a week or two and then you are just the rabble to be run over with discourteous behavior and stupid excuses.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is why YouFit is eating their lunch on the low end, $10 a month!

Anonymous said...

The trainers should be paid a commission for the number of times their trainee visits and achieves goals instead of for signups.