Monday, December 28, 2015

Flowers are Blooming Outdoors in New York. By Geniusofdespair

Happy about the warm weather up North? Not the plants. They are all confused thinking it is the end of winter not the beginning.

Begonia in Manhattan. They are Frost-Tender Plants.

Photo taken Christmas of a Forsythia Bloom. The Forsythia Blooms Once a Year and Lasts One to Two Weeks. They Bloom at the End of Winter or Beginning of Spring.

Lilies Blooming. Lilies Need a Cold Dormant Period. Lilies Bloom in May, June or July - Not December.

Now, what will happen in the Spring to these lovely plants that are blooming days from the shortest day of the year? (Thank you Darlene and Sylvia for the photos).

Read Tristram Korten's article today in the Miami Herald on Florida and Climate change.


Anonymous said...

What will happen to the animals and insects that depend on these flowers and berries and fruit in the the spring and summer if the confused and spent plants don't continue to produce and bloom? What will happen to the bears that come out of hibernation or never go and roam all winter hungry and starving, depleting their bodies winter reserves by staying active? What will happen to is us as droughts and floods destroy our food crops and we begin to starve?

Anonymous said...

People maybe in this country could use a little starvation.

Anonymous said...

The cascade of nature's end begins.

Kendall neighbor said...

I spent time yesterday with a young lady from Quebec. She was saying that last year they had consecutive 45 days of -60c and that normal for them was 2 or 3 days consecutive. She said that people could not go outside because the cold was so fierce.

And this year, they had no snow on Christmas and that it was very warm for their normal temperatures.

She also commented that she had been coming to Florida every December for 29 years, and this past week she was north of Tampa, and she was in tshirts and flip flops --- she pointed out that in previous years her trips to Disney were done in knit gloves and scarves.

I did not point out that mobile home she was living in was in danger of being water front.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the book by Ted Koppel about the probable attack on the electrical grid? Lights Out: A CyberAttack, A Nation Unprepared. One solution to two imminent problems: global warming and terrorism - wide spread solar power.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Nancy.