Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Jeb Bush: Miami New Times scores a near perfect "10" ... by gimleteye

For Miami New Times, journalist Frank Alvarado deserves kudos for a top story, "As Governor, Jeb Bush Stopped At Nothing To Retaliate Against His Enemies". An archive search of Jeb Bush will disclose exactly the theme explored by Alvarado although our focus has been on Bush's destructive policies regarding the environment. Alvarado's filter is through a terrific interview with former state senator Alex Villalobos who, at the time in the early 2000's, was one of the fast rising stars in the Florida legislature. Although the story is not new -- how Villalobos was singled out by Bush, for extraction for failing to obey Jeb's "My Way Or The Way" style of governance -- what has never been captured so clearly is the vindictive and pettiness of Jeb Bush.

Alex Villalobos
Thanks is also due to Villalobos who had never talked so openly to a reporter about his experience with Jeb. For those observers who read state politics closely -- and who were conscientious objectors during the dismal Jeb Bush years in Florida -- Villalobos' interview peels back the surface sheen of the Jeb Bush reputation: not a policy wonk and nerd so much as a brittle micro manager whose underhanded tactics were well known to insiders who declined to speak publicly for fear of reprisal.

Finally, it is very telling that Villalobos spoke so clearly to Miami New Times, a newspaper that can and occasionally does bring important national stories to its front page. What Villalobos' choice also reflects is an understanding that other mainstream news cannot be reliably counted on to tell uncomfortable truths in Miami.

Congratulations to New Times, Frank Alvarado, and thanks to Alex Villalobos for his candor at last.


Geniusofdespair said...

Watch out, Villalobos might be supporting Marco Rubio, although it doesn't sound that way

"He's a great quarterback except he's never won a game," said former state Sen. Alex Villalobos, a moderate Republican from Miami. "There's been a lot of promotion of Marco Rubio, but you can't put your finger on one thing he's passed. It's not anything I dislike about him, but being president of the United States is being leader of the free world."
Tampa Bay Times

Anonymous said...

Rubio doesn't want Villalobos' support. Villalobos is of the David Rivera group. He was a sore loser back then and turned his petulant rants against anyone and everyone who didn't agree with him. He has been angry and frustrated ever since he was impeded by his family to "come out" and instead force to marry and live an unhappy life.

Anonymous said...

I think the other big revelation here is, that in the land of the free, self censure and afraid to speak out has a place at all!!!!!!

Alex said...

Jeb Bush is a pig. He was the corporate welfare king. He gave one billion to Enron. He gave a Billion to Lehman. Right before both went bankrupt. He had taxpayers pay for an inventory of every piece of vacant land in Florida so his builder buddies could finish off the destruction of Florida. How anyone could follow a bush is a mystery. One bankrupted Florida and the other bankrupted America. I can only hope karma catches up to the soulless bastard.