Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Ernesto Perez: Not a Rags to Riches Story. By Geniusofdespair

Ernesto Perez is not  the story of the fall from grace of good guy. It is the story of a guy with a ninth grade education and a criminal record who learned how to use government money and political contributions to run -- of all things -- an educational empire. And of course, there was Hudstead, always ready for a huckster.

The Miami Herald wrote about Perez today without a peep on Erik Fresen, the chairman of the Florida House Education Appropriations Subcommittee, Perez's biggest cheerleader.


Anonymous said...

Bad guy gaming the system.

Anonymous said...

The thousands of students who chose this piss poor alternative to Miami Dade College with the promises of a faster
education don't VOTE. They barely even understand how they were conned.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Perez got such a minor penalty is the clock ran out.
NEWSFLASH****KFR the clock is running.
If we had a proactive governor the AG would do it and start pulling people who received illegal contributions out of office right now. When these type of things happen elections should be invalidated they did it with Suarez and Carollo due to voter fraud so there is a precedent with regard to election fraud. That's why they have Special Elections.

The next thing we will be told is that the candidates did not know the cash was illegal so they can stay. That is complete bullshit because the bundler would let the candidate know what he or she did for the candidate. If not, they would not hold it as a trump card over the candidate when asking for favors.
They created this mess it's time for the voters to solve it for them.

Zwoman said...

Nothing will change until we take the money out of elections. We must change the system, changing politicians is useless, they all take money from corporations and the wealthy, except for Bernie Sanders, he refuses to be bought.

Anonymous said...

The end of the empire began the day Ernesto Perez met Steve "Bully In A China Shop" Bateman. It's also amazing that CHI's Brodes Hartley and Romanita Ford who acknowledge setting up the illegal job paying Bateman on his felony conviction have not been charged.

Anonymous said...

Perez is a symptom as to why higher education costs are so high. It's all funded by us, the taxpayers. They get these kids to enroll in substandard schools, apply for federal grants, get crappy educations, and worthless degrees, if any. The Fed's need to stop funding these types of schools so these kids don't run up debt they cannot pay and end up defaulting on. We, as taxpayers, end up paying twice when that happens. It doesn't help that the regular college/university system is so crammed with excessive costs, running up tuition in those schools, then add in the enormous salaries, benefit packages, and an antiquated tenure system. That system steers kids wanting higher education in to these types of scams, which is what they are, and the taxpayers picking up the bills while people like Perez and every politician he bought and paid for laugh all the way to the bank. Fresen is still in office so I guess the voters don't mind getting robbed every time Fresen votes or sponsors bills on behalf of his benefactors. That's what I equate his actions/voting record to.

Anonymous said...

I actually blame the dozens of well-known politicians who stood with him, supported him and took his money without asking any questions. They need to be asked by the media why they did it.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one. Self annointed smart guy Xavier Suarez donated to Ernesto Perez's Better Florida Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Another creep. On a more positive note sleazy Marc Sarnoff will be leaving his commissioner jig BUT the dude is taking a $2 Mil taxpayer paid pension with him. Ick.

Anonymous said...

"Perez is a symptom as to why higher education costs are so high. It's all funded by us, the taxpayers. They get these kids to enroll in substandard schools, apply for federal grants, get crappy educations, and worthless degrees, if any."

ABSOLUTELY! Federal funding (Pell Grants) have served to dish up wasteful spending, higher tuitions and college scams. They have failed the students they sought to help. If we abolished Pell Grants, the free market of tuition would deflate. Then students could compete on the basis of scholarships through the private sector based upon area of study, demographics and academic excellence. Not all students should go to college. Our public schools need trade schools as well. Many baby boomers now retiring have made it into the upper middle class with their trade school training. Ever meet a poor plumber?

Perez is a symptom of the disease. The Federal Government needs to get out of the business of leveling the playing field and the State House needs to clean up the cesspool. Cut off the money and a college education will start to mean something again.

How many of those Mizzou idiot students even understand what the 1st Amendment is? They were pushing back on a student photographer working for ESPN. Without 1A, this blog and that network and their story would not even be aired. We are training a nation of idiots, courtesy of the Federal Government and State/private/profit-colleges. The bill is being mailed to the US Taxpayer.

Shame, shame, shame on our Dade Delegation. If I knew about Dade Medical College (I have no kids in college and I'm not even checking in with this blog site every day) there is no excuse for YOU to not know about this problem. The fact is, you did know and you took the money and the jobs anyway.