Thursday, November 05, 2015

On climate change, college students need to get involved and soon! ... by gimleteye

In case you hadn't noticed, we are in the midst of an historic November heatwave. According to the Weather Channel, "November may have a cold reputation in some places, but much of Florida is sweating through a heat wave that is rewriting the November record books."

How can it be that one political party, the GOP, dismisses global warming and climate change? US Senator Marco Rubio won't even meet with climate change scientists. Jeb! -- who set off the anti-environmental regulatory jihad in Florida -- broke it and now he says "we" can fix it.

This astounding graphic is from the NY Times, "The Pacific Ocean Becomes a Caldron". The temperature departure from averages are astounding: up to 9 degrees F. Tropical sunfish are showing up in Alaskan waters. The oceanic food chain is being stressed to the breaking point.

Along that line, a friend sent me a photo of an activist recruitment poster by students at M.I.T. These kids get it: the trends point to serious consequences within the frame of coming generations.

How about it UM and FIU and Dade College students? We need college students to push back against rear guard actions by polluters. Help us find candidates for public office who take climate change seriously and reject incumbents and challengers who are climate change deniers.


Anonymous said...

Millennials 'get it'. It is the wealthy 'in control' Baby Boomers' that do not.

So it is for the Baby Boomers to suggest to Millennials HOW they can move the Baby Boomers out of the lucrative Fossil Age.

Priya Sridhar said...

How do we do that? We're trying, while balancing a full-time curriculum and learning. UM has become a greener campus, and an involved one