Saturday, October 31, 2015

X Rocker Closes his Dade Medical College Empire Immediately. By Geniusofdespair

Ernesto Perez, former Miami Rocker (Front man for the Young Turk), issued a memo today to employees and students about the immediate shutdown of the 6 campuses of Dade Medical College. Hmmm. A lot of students will be out of luck and what about all those Federal dollars they borrowed to go there? We will be on the hook for those. Read the Miami Herald:
In recent weeks, there had were several signs that the college’s finances were unraveling.

Among those signs: a $4.6 million court judgment imposed against Dade Medical in a federal lawsuit over student loans, an announcement that the school would eliminate its signature nursing associate’s degree program at three campuses and an internal email indicating that the school’s most recent paychecks had bounced.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education, source of nearly 90 percent of Dade Medical’s revenue through loans and Pell grants, conducted a recent on-site inspection of the school and afterward placed it on a special “heightened cash monitoring” status. That change slowed the flow of federal dollars, the lifeblood of any for-profit college.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART OF THE STORY, READ MY BLOG ON THE ERIC FRESEN Connection -- he did all he could for Ernesto Perez, what a putz, both of them.  The former Mayor of Coral Gables also was involved with the school.

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Anonymous said...

All kinds of wrong with this guy, including molesting a teen while on tour as a 'rocker'.

This college was actually dangerous. One of the campuses had nurses passing their licensing exams only about 40% of the time when national average is closer to 90%. You know some underprepared nurses were getting through too.

Downtown Homestead is Damaged said...

Let's forget the bad nursing, the bad guys, the horrible number of people without jobs, and the generosity of the schools to politicians...

And look at the fact that over 1/3 of the store fronts in downtown Homestead (next to the NEW Seminole Theater, NEW police station and the NEW Power Dome Homestead city hall) are OWNED or occupied by Dade Medical College.

This includes the old art south complex which includes a church sanctuary that is acoustically amazing, the building the the FBI (now gone) and Tom David (probably there), the old antique mall, and others.

Then we have the restaurants like Momma Mias, Subway, Mexican in the main business areas and the other little places on Washington Ave which will go from steady customer influx to none. The convenience store is going to be sad too. More jobs lost.

The sad thing is that Main Street and Shiver connections killed the hope of a thriving arts/antique community. Now, there is nothing left of general interest to tourism population except (wonderful one) antique store and a few restaurants.

Anonymous said...

First the word college needs to be dropped from all sentences involving Ernesto Perez and his for profit rip off centers. Next where are the apologies from the politicians who were elected using the tainted taxpayer cash? Where are the apologies from the politicians employed by the rip off centers?
Finally, students were promised if you work hard and perform well you can change your life. Ernesto Perez and those in cahoots with him ruined a lot of lives by preying on those students who had dreamed of success. More than $100 million went from the federal government laundered through the rip off centers for the personal gain of Perez and his dirty politicians. Where the fuck are the arrests?

Anonymous said...

$100 Million stolen with help from politicians to run a sub standard school by a family of con artists. Sub standard is order of the day in Miami and Perez WILL start another scam tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This Perez clown did tremendous damage to the communities where his schools existed. He even donated to policy makers through his employees. Forensic accountants need to be called in and examine the local campaign treasurer reports of Miami Lakes, Hialeah, City of Miami and Homestead. No employee of any school is donating $500 to $1,000 to a local politician. Once again the Miami Herald does half a story. Follow up, connect the dots and then let us know. The only way to get corruption out of politics is to shine a light on it.

youbetcha' said...

You have to remember that these students are federally funded with heavy student loans. So, on top of being out of college, with insufficient education, they will have to shoulder the burden of any loans these scammers talked the kids into signing for while not getting their education.