Friday, October 23, 2015

The Benghazi Hearing Backfires BIG for Republicans. By Geniusofdespair

I watched almost the whole thing: Cold from those damn plane rides.  Gimleteye, also sick, told me to watch the hearing...then he didn't. Damn that guy. He always snares me to do stuff and then he doesn't.

At first I thought the hearings were bad for Hillary but as the day wore on into the night and she maintained her composure and they lost theirs...I thought Hillary Clinton was lucky to do the hearings. They made her look good. Very good. In one instance Martha Roby tried to make it seem like Hillary didn't care about the people who died because her staff didn't go home after they found out about the attack and Hillary did.  Roby wanted her to name her staff that stayed one by one. It was quite stupid. Then it came out that General Petraeus was home too. In their homes they have some kind of apparatus  (I guess to speak on -- like the red phone of the old days). I forget what it is called.

The Republicans on the panel were mean-spirited and asked the same questions over and over again. They were on high attack. Hillary Clinton remained calm throughout the double digit hours of questioning. The Republicans on the panel lost all credibility as the day wore one....getting nastier and nastier. It was sort of like watching the McCarthy hearings: A total witch hunt. One of the Democrats on the panel even said that. If they could have, they would have burned Hillary at the stake. Instead of looking bad Hillary Clinton showed she was an intelligent woman ready for anything. Her command of the facts was amazing. The Republicans looked so bad in their accusatory manner, firing off questions at breakneck speed.  I will not vote for Donald Trump now. He is friends with the Kardashians, what could be worse than that? Oh, perhaps having the Koch brothers as your benefactor Mister Chairman Trey Goudy.

Hilary has known this Blumenthal guy for years. Look at her here.
So she has a reporter/political operative friend she emailed, Sidney Blumenthal. I looked at photos of them. They have been friends for at least 30 years. I am friends with a lot of these sorts people too. How do you think you get tips? They have networks we don't have.

ANYWAY: SCORE ONE FOR HILLARY! The McCarthyites (Republicans on the Committee) lost big time. It is no wonder everyone is supporting Donald Trump in the party.

Trey Goudy looks like he has a goat's hair shirt under his suit for 'Mortification of the Flesh'.


Gimleteye said...

The GOP hard drive is damaged.

Anonymous said...

That is not all that is damaged. Comes to mind:

What were they thinking?

They are out of their minds. This is not the way to damage a candidate.

Geniusofdespair said...

I am beginning to think I am the only one in the United States that watched the whole thing. I think the rest of you get your news from pundits who probably watched it too. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

The committee claims it was looking into the death of the 4 Americans in Benghazi. It seemed to deal with everything but that. Were are any hint of a coverup or poor policy decisions by Secretary Clinton? This 11 hour committee meeting did nothing but make the Republicans on the committee look weak and ineffective.

Anonymous said...

It made the Republicans look like the bullies they are.

Anonymous said...

they aren't even effective bullies, they have a Clinton fixation....

cyndi said...

Trey Goudy is very scary. Last week I wrote about brains and hate. There is thing called the "Hate circuit." Then I wrote about the book The Hunting of President and I got like 30 emails from people who had no idea this went on. This weekend I'm watching the documentary. I have the book somewhere I recommend it.
We have to figure out a way to get the Kochs out of our lives. (yes at the ballot box but no one believes me.)

miaexile said...

i watched parts during the day and then glued to tv from 5p until it was over. HRC was one cool cucumber, while the spittle flew fromthe dais and that one R lady with the short curly hair was SO angry her head was trembling- it was great TV but a total waste of millions of $..i donated to HRC after it was over...i want her as my President.