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Eye on Miami's Saturday Editorial Page Oct. 24th: Hurricanes in other places.

Miami Herald: What is a Newspaper...Think About It.


Compilation Video of Patricia

All I can say is, we lucked out on hurricanes this year.

Hurricane Patricia Flooding reaches Guadalajara


It took 11 hours of grueling testimony to get Hillary Clinton's campaign back on track. The Republicans did her a favor to let her show her commanding presence, her stamina and her memory. Most people her age are trying desperately to find their keys. She pronounced words I never could even if I was briefed for years. She isn't as likable as Bill was, but she certainly is as smart.


Hudstead's Steve Shiver is accused of soliciting a $150,000 bribe for one of Opa Locka's officials. I can't help think, knowing Opa Locka's history, that he, as City Manager, did it wrong -- if he did it -- perhaps pissing off the guy who was the target of the bribe causing him to spill his guts. Just a theory, we don't even know if the bribe story is true.


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The idea to add more stuff in Bicentennial  Park is off the table for now. The vote was put off until January.

Speaking of the City of Miami: There is a 50 page glossy magazine of all Marc Sarnoff's accomplishments while in office. I looked to see who paid for it. I guess the city. It didn't say. I hope we don't see more of these expensive publications by other politicians. Apparently Al Crespo wrote about this book three times: one, two, three.

Aaron Higer said: Now for the secret - how to be a successful scientist. Follow your dream of the kind of scientist you want to be and find someone that will share this dream with you.
Aaron Higer has passed away. He was a "member of the Working Group and Science Coordination Team of the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.  Aaron has worked for the benefit of the Everglades ecosystem for over 40 years in capacities ranging from field researcher collecting fish samples for pesticide analysis, to his current position as Working Group and Science Coordination Team member, and U.S. Geological Survey South Florida Ecosystem Coordinator."

"Perhaps Mr. Higer's most enduring concept is the Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN). The main focus of Everglades restoration is to restore more natural hydrology, and EDEN is a primary tool used by scientists to examine the relationships between hydrology and other natural processes. The EDEN is an integrated network of real-time water-level monitoring, ground elevation modeling, and water-surface modeling that provides scientists and managers with current (1991-present), on-line, water-depth information for the entire freshwater portion of the Greater Everglades. EDEN is available to anyone free of charge, and offers a consistent and documented dataset that can be used by scientists and managers to examine ecosystem-level responses to hydrodynamic changes in the Everglades."


Opera day came and went yesterday. Few readers responded. I only make you listen to Opera every couple of years. If you can't play 30 seconds of an opera video so you can vote, you are pretty useless. It is not as if I am asking you to listen to Country Western music. These women are the LeBron James of opera. Go back and listen to 30 seconds of the damn videos. You might be at a cocktail party someday with intelligent people (how did you get invited?) talking about opera. You can then chime in: "I think Joan Sutherland is the greatest Soprano of all time." They will look at you in awe, a heated discussion will ensue and you will be the star on the conversation because of me. And the people will go home and say, "Funny, I thought he/she was uncouth."


County Mayor Gimenez doesn't want Raquel Regalado to get any credit for the soccer stadium deal. Gimenez went on Spanish language radio accusing City of Miami Mayor Regalado of playing politics to help his daughter. Carlos Gimenez, don't you help your son the lobbyist? He seems to coincidentally lobby on things you are working on. I guess that is an aside. Anyway, Mayor Regalado did the same on Spanish radio -- ragged on Gimenez. I love feuds, but Gimenez said he will be the bigger man and step away from this issue. Why is he so afraid of Raquel? He has enough money to crush any opponent. It is in the Miami Herald. Reporter Doug Hanks said (BTW very amusing Doug):

In a series of interviews, the reliable drama that is stadium politics in South Florida played out in Miami’s signature theater: Spanish-language talk radio. There were allegations of pataleta (tantrum) calumnia (slander) and politiquería (politicking), ratcheting up the stakes surrounding David Beckham’s sudden shift from the county to the school board as the chosen landlord for his soccer stadium.

Carlos Gimenez, Miami-Dade’s mayor, went on WURN-AM (1020)’s Actualidad Radio shortly after 7 a.m.. Friday and accused his Miami counterpart, Tomás Regalado, of “petty” politicking. He said the Miami mayor orchestrated the Beckham switch in order to boost the fortunes of daughter Raquel Regalado. She is using her seat on the school board as a springboard to run against Gimenez in 2016 for county mayor.

“It wasn't surprising to me because I know the mayor, Regalado. I know that for him everything is political, instead of what is to the benefit of the people or the city,” Gimenez said. “For him, it’s political, and he and his daughter are politicians. That’s what they do.”

About an hour later, Tomás Regalado was on Actualidad to accuse Gimenez of being bitter over a Regalado getting credit for bringing soccer back to Miami. One solution, Regalado said, was to take a photo where “Mayor Gimenez stands next to Beckham and I stand in the back. Then he’ll get over the tantrum.”


al crespo said...


I did a whole series of stories about Sarnoff and his self-promotional book. He originally had the DDA design it, then after he didn't like it, the DDA did a redesign, and when he still didn't like it, he had a woman who is now one of his office aides do a final re-edit. It cost the taxpayers a lot of money, how much I don't know, because Sarnoff refuses to provide the information.

When it comes to corruption in the City of Miami, chances are I've written about it.

Al crespo

Geniusofdespair said...

Thanks Al. I put your links in my story. I was taken aback when I saw the book in a Mount Siani Hospital waiting room. Campaigning already?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the soccer stadium, do the numbers add up that having a magnet school built on the site and a for profit company not pay any property taxes?

Working at MIA said...

Gimenez is scared of Raquel Regalado because she has the support of Hispanics and he doesn't. He thought the Soccer deal would win him those votes, because he thinks that all Hispanics love Soccer. He is flipping out on Spanish Radio because he thinks this loss will cost him the election. Guess he'll have to spend next week shaking down people who do business with the County for money, oh wait he does that every week. . . . When is someone going to write about how he is shaking down every concession owner at the airport? And then promising those very same spots to people in New York and Fort Lauderdale? You would think that the guys that are there now would do the math . . .

Anonymous said...

The Gimenez v. Regalado spat: Carlos Gimenez is a punk. Superintendent Carvalho knew the County was going "own" the MLS Stadium and he was going to lose property tax revenues so he decided to act. The School System has the same authority to "own" a property as the County. Carvalho simply decided to ask Beckham to make a meaningful contribution to the students of Miami-Dade County in exchange for the tax exemption. Gimenez was going to have the County "own" the stadium (just like the American Airlines arena and Marlins Stadium), but the County would not get anything in exchange - other than the photo op of the Mayor standing next to Beckham. Mayor Regalado even suggested the desperate-for-attention Gimenez could still have his photo with Beckham. This tantrum by Gimenez reveals to the world what goes on every day at County Hall. He screams at shouts at subordinates and demands his way like an ill-tempered child. TIme for this sicko to go home to his dysfunctional family and leave the business of government to the adults.

Anonymous said...

Baby should Beckham and his business partners not pay any taxes? If they paid taxes, then the school system and city would have millions coming in every year to improve the surrounding decrepit neighborhood and decrepit schools. Oh, it must be this isn't a viable business. Or, it is but for the lobbyists and politicians cashing in on political contributions while the community gets short changed. Again.

Anonymous said...

There are no adults in this showdown. If there were they would have told Beckham to find his is land, pay taxes like everyone else.

Geniusofdespair said...

I am going to say it again: David Beckham had already been promised no taxes for the stadium by Gimenez. That's final so stop going backwards no stadiums pay taxes except Joe Robbie when he did his stadium. The school board will own the land if they own the stadium. If they own the stadium wouldn't they own the land under it? How else would/could that work. I am angry that these entities that don't pay taxes charge the school board rent for use of their facilities for school events. The Herald reported the rental cost each year totals almost half a million. That saving-- having their own facility-- will pay for a lot of teachers, computers and go a long way to helping our schools.

Anonymous said...

RIP Aaron Higer, really nice guy, I worked with him at the USGS briefly.

Anonymous said...

Marc Sarnoff should help oust Pepe Diaz to get in right away if he wants a seat on Miami Dade county commission so bad.

Anonymous said...

my husband was an attorney who had a very strong dislike for sarnoff...and it wasn't because sarnoff was a great lawyer.

Anonymous said...

The School Board depends on Property Taxes. Beckman is being duped. But he DEFINITELY wants to screw the taxpayers. He definitely wants to pay zero taxes. But who will pay to educate our youth?