Thursday, October 08, 2015

News Flash: CONSERVANCY Stupid Idea POSTPONED because Javier Soto on the way to the hospital. By Geniusofdespair

The Miami Foundation's Javier Soto (not the County Commissioner) is on his way to the hospital so the Conservancy thing at Bicentennial Park is postponed at the City of Miami. Good on the postponement! Miami Herald Regarding your Editorial: It works in New York and Chicago because rich people surround the parks. We don't have the super wealthy, we just have hucksters, boosters and boasters and they don't get anything done right, they will just F--K it up. The park is very nice now, have you even been there?


Anonymous said...

Comparing an 800 acre park to a 30 acre park is a disservice to its readers. Either the editorial staff at the Herald are a bunch of idiots or they think we are. Can't we just have a little green space without a bunch of wealthy creeps trying to take it away from us?

Anonymous said...

The over-the-top lavishing of the already $10 million Museum Park and commercializing its public resources is not this community's top need. The Knight and Miami Foundations should refocus their efforts on aiding the rest of Miami-Dade's truly in-need parks. How about helping to reopen some of Miami's still-closed toxic parks and funding new parks in a city ranked dead last?

danixh Raza said...

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