Friday, October 09, 2015

Marco Rubio and Big Sugar Make News (Again) ... by gimleteye

In case you had wondered, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement -- the one we have all be reading about -- protects Florida's shadow government: Big Sugar. The GOP candidate most likely to benefit from that sausage maker is Marco Rubio.

As Eye On Miami has documented, Marco Rubio is Big Sugar's creation. (For new readers, check our index feature.)

The Daily Caller hits most of the high spots, here. You won't find the story in The Miami Herald.

As the ink dries on the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP) deal, some U.S. winners and losers are beginning to emerge. U.S. workers in sugar-utilizing industries: sorry, you lose. U.S. sugar producers: you win. The reason: while the United States made concessions in other areas, America’s protectionist system for sugar suffered only minor tweaks. Plus, Marco Rubio likely is very pleased with the sugar deal – will it effect his election chances?

Oh, and don't forget: Big Sugar poisons people, poisons democracy, and poisons the Everglades.

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Anonymous said...

We need to wrestle control from monied interests.

The only solution I see is a better informed more participatory electorate.