Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Eye on Miami Saturday Editorial Page. By Geniusofdespair

The Miami Herald Gave Up...We Didn't. We are it on Saturday! Too bad for you.


When I wrote I didn't like Philip Levine 'way back when' because he used Slapp Suits (A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit) my friends in Miami Beach called to yell at me. No one is mad at me now. I even got one sheepish apology and I didn't have to say "I told you so." They are hating that Wolfson/Levine PAC.

I imagine he might say: I like doing SLAPP suits and TV Commercials with PAC money.


Bascom Palmer did it's first bionic eye in Florida to provide provide partial sight to a Tampa woman. This is the first time the procedure was performed here in FloriDUH. I appreciate the significance of this, however, did the glasses have to be so damn ugly? I redesigned them for the manufacturer without interfering with the crap around and behind them. I just softened the bottom of the glasses so people wouldn't say: "Damn, that woman has ugly glasses!"

My redesign at right. I am a Photoshop master now. Photo on left, Miami Herald.


Man on his knees is shot and killed by Police Officer a couple of weeks ago. Didn't hear about it, did you? No one hears about Homestead police shootings...or cares apparently. The guy had an extensive record. Homestead Officer Green has been involved in several other shootings. A woman witness said the man killed was on his knees when he was shot.  This officer is from the same police department that trained Lynda Bell's daughter against their own policy (and then fired her for pulling a gun on her boyfriend) and that kept fetuses in the refrigerator over 10 years.


Sugar barons or politicians (Rick Scott?) must have gotten to the South Florida Water Management District Board and read them the riot act. Miami Heiress Sandy Batchelor was the only one who could not be bought off. I am glad to see she is seeing first hand how ugly our politics are. The District that guards our water supply is running on a shoestring budget and had to lay off many on their science team. It is a crime. They voted nearly unanimously to keep the budget the same a few weeks ago. Yesterday they voted again. They voted to cut the budget..all but Sandy. According to the Miami Herald:

The decision marks the fifth year in a row the agency has bowed to pressure from Tallahassee to cut taxes, even as Everglades restoration picks up speed and sea rise projections predict more stress on the 16-county district.

The most evil stupid member is James Moran. He is the one that doesn't know we have an aquifer. He said:

“Since [the Everglades] is a statewide treasure, wouldn’t it be appropriate that the cost is shared statewide?” said board member James Moran, a Palm Beach County attorney, who has consistently voted to cut taxes.
Well, stupid James, that is never going to happen. Educate yourself. You are a special taxing district: You can tax without asking anyone! They are already taking the money we voted for in a referendum to buy land and the State is spending it on OTHER things. David Guest of Earth Justice is suing, thank God.

Cindy Lerner, Mayor of Pinecrest - EYE'S HERO OF THE WEEK - wrote this letter before the reversal (what a difference a day makes):

Mayor Cindy Lerner is our hero of the week!!

The Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate Raquel Regalado and the Current Mayor doing his head tilt -- or as I call it, his tell. He tilts his head and closes his eyes when he is not being straight. When is he going to open his campaign account? He still isn't an official candidate. School Board Member Regalado, has a lot of $5 contributions on her campaign report.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for Saturday. I look forward to this feature. It is your gain and the Miami Herald's loss.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to a kinder county under Raquel Regalado. The mayor has been a blustery bully. What happened to him?

Anonymous said...

If you want to see Gimenez's head tilt and spin, ask him what he knew about that 2012 meeting at a Hialeah warehouse where his campaign manager Al Lorenzo and a slew of politicians that included Sen. Rene Garcia, Commissioner Esteban Bovo, Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez and Commissioner Vivian Cassals agreed to hire boleteras Nancy Cabrera, el tio Robaina and others to collect illicit absentee ballots and steal the mayoral election. If I were Regalado I would make the high level of corruption brought on by Gimenez the center piece of my political platform.

al crespo said...

What about Raquelita Regalado's corruption when she was the Treasurer of her Daddy's campaign? How about her first campaign for the School Board? In both cases she was forced to pay hefty fines, and she and daddy should have been charged with a crime if the case had been handled by an independent prosecutor instead of the corrupt Katherine Fernandez-Rundle and Joe "Let'em Go" Centorino.

Or how about the corruption that was involved in letting her drive away from a traffic accident she caused so that a Miami cop could show up at her door and give her a ticket for driving around with 4 suspensions on her license? If any of you had been caused an accident and done so while driving around with a Driver's License that was currently suspended over 4 separate traffic violations you'd have gone to jail.

If you really want to get inquisitive, go back and look at the very first item that she proposed and supported after she became a member of the School Board. It didn't have anything to do with autism, but everything to do with crony politics.

Here are the links to the stories with all of the documentation: Her and daddy's campaign problems including the FDLE Reports:

What she revealed under oath about her dealings with Armando Guterriez's wife Maritza:

Her own campaign problems and the Traffic Stop:

Anonymous said...

Just this past week I noticed a commenter on the Herald made a remark about the lack of zoning considerations in Miami Beach. The comments were dead accurate and inclued lists of four properties. The comment was later removed.

Geniusofdespair said...

Al, no "ita" or "Ito" on my blog. I have given 3 warnings about that now it is 4. You don't read here enough so I am letting this post go. Obvious that you don't since you said you know nothing much about Gimenez.

David said...

Old news on traffic violation, in the Miami Herald 3 times. You sure you aren't working for Gimenez? He has a lot of spare change.

Anonymous said...

Your sunglasses redesign is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Al , Al, Al. The Crespo Machine surely does not have a fixation on old men with white hair. Do you think the systemic corruption of the Gimenez regime (his sons, daughter-in-law, Lopez, Garcia Toledo, Llorente, Ferro and his wife, and all the public slugs running his departments) deserve another term?

Are you really attacking a twice-elected School Board Member based on her minor traffic infractions? And, are you going to bash the woman because she was trying to help out her father with his campaign? There is not one single candidate or treasurer out there who has not received and deposited funds from an ineligible contributor (delinquent foreigners and domestic scumbags alike often make contributions that have to be returned.) And, you are upset that her first piece of legislation did not address a condition that befell her child? And, you want to only have candidates who have never socialized with Maritza Gutierrez on the ballot?

Al, your new standards for politicians leaves me to believe only extremely wealthy individuals with chauffers (pristine driving records guaranteed), no campaign experience (hence, no election law infractions), perfect children (no compelling reason to legislate for the disadvantaged), and an exclusive social circle (no crespo-deemed undesirables) should run against our dim Mayor. Really, Al?

As young Suarez has taken to saying, we should not allow "perfect to be the enemy of good." We appreciate your deep background checks on the challenger, but hope you focus your attention on the multi-million dollar racket that is currently destroying county hall. Ramp up your blog again and focus on the incompetent, once-fired, former city manager of Miami - Mr. Gimenez.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mayor Lerner! Good letter.

Anonymous said...

Only the upturn in the real estate bubble has covered Gimenez's tracks.

This well spoken woman has the fortitude to challenge a hypocritical tyrant and so deserves your support and your vote. She is already slogging through ugly rhetoric and is tackling a county system that has been molded by entrenched loyalty. Imagine 12 months of this impacting YOUR personal and professional life. No, 99.999% of you can't run, don't run, and won't run for office. She is. The county employees thank her for all of her efforts at rescuing us.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more prone to believing Al Crespo if the fury and nastiness of his writing didn't detract from the facts that he's trying to convey. The ability to write well includes the ability to pull back from kick, kick, kicking them in the guts.

Anonymous said...

The Gimenez tell is like Donald Trump's flying hair.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Gimenez and County commissioners just approved $116 Mil in tax increases.

gww said...

Love the Saturday editorials.

Cindy Lerner is a very hands on mayor. She will get back to you when you contact her and also follow up.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez is no good, agree. Al Crespo's comments on Raquel Regalado are perfectly on target. Just because the incumbent should not be re elected does not mean the voters have to choose the first opponent who signs up. Let's keep our options open. I for one, believe Xavier Suarez will run and will make an excellent Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I understand your negative reaction to the use of diminutives, "ito" and "ita" when people use the as pejoratives. However, in the case of Raquel Regalado, it must be noted that she uses it herself to differentiate herself from her late mother who was a very well-known radio personality. In her case, the "ita" is similar to "Jimmy", as in President Carter,
"Bill", as in President Clinton or "Charlie", as in Governor Crist. It is perfectly appropriate to refer to her that way.

Geniusofdespair said...

I spoke to her about my distaste for the diminutive Ito and ita. The way they are using it, she agrees, is to marginalize her. Anyway, I don't like it, it is not appropriate here on an English language blog, nor is it in the Miami Herald. Her mother is not running for Mayor. Al Crespo is not a blogger here, go read his blog and leave comments on him there.

Anonymous said...

Edward Kennedy leaves the scene of a dead woman underwater in his car --- reelected. And your reader is harping on a traffic citation?

Anonymous said...

Gimenez was a bobblehead in a former life.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the background on Regalado. If that's the worse there is on her, I am okay with it. I only wish Al Crespo would shine his spotlight on Gimenez to the same degree.

cyndi said...

Love the Saturday editorials. People need to let go of Ted Kennedy. He's dead.
Can we replace SFWMD with a group of orangutans. Thank goodness for David and Earthjustic!

Anonymous said...

The real story in Homestead is the attempt to keep Judy Waldman from being term limited by any means possible, including fraudulent petition signature certifications and misleading the public. If that weren't bad enough, the attorneys seems to have been complicit by not fully advising the Council and portraying the issue as one they had to put on the ballot. While this blog and most of its readers despise Lynda Bell and to some extent, Steve Losner, they exposed layer after layer of reason not to put the term limit waiver for Waldman on a special election ballot.