Sunday, August 02, 2015

Blast from the Past: The Great 2014 FAN Debate. By Geniusofdespair

Don't see the video? Here is the link.


By the way I think it is over for Rubio. Why didn't Marco and Jeb play rock paper scissors to decide who should run? They are friends after all. Rubio is wasting tens of millions of dollars and he is not going to get the nod. He should give up. "Give up Marco." We already have one comb-over candidate and your local pals have forsaken you for Jeb.


Anonymous said...

You miss Marco-avell's intent.

1-It is well known you run several times to win on the third try. Ask Reagan.
2-This is all an excuse not to run/lose in Senate reelection, stoke up donors and image on the national stage.
3-After introducing his conniving self nationally he will then return to Florida to run for Governor and follow JEB!'s footsteps truly...and THEN run for President again.
4-Between steps (2) and (3) he will 'work for CAU$E$ he believe$ in' and cash in if GOP does not give him a Cabinet position. E.g. Did you see his comment that someday he wants to own a NFL team? How does he do that on public salary?

This clown's ambition and duplicity are limitless. This has been planned for years.

Pep said...

Rubio is doing just fine. It's almost a lock that he will come out of this with either the nomination or, more likely, the VP spot. In the worst case scenario, Rubio will be running for the Governor seat in 2018 with a national profile and 100% name recognition against weak Democratic Party opposition.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you think Bush should be running instead of Rubio.
Because it's Bush that is dead in the water and has no chance. The Republican Party is NOT going to nominate a RINO like Jeb Bush who claims illegally crossing the border into the U.S. is an "act of love." Today's Republicans hate the Bush family, which appears to become more liberal everyday.