Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Great Debate. By Geniusofdespar

No, the great debate was not Nixon and Kennedy, nor was it Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

This will be the greatest debate of all time: The Donald Debate. Who won't be watching this one? I have been anxiously waiting for this day and now it is here. I am giddy with excitement. This is the Super Bowl of debates.

The only bad thing, we have to listen to 9 other candidates. I'm calling it: "The Comedy of Errors."

The Golden Boy


youbetcha' said...

Let's see how much self control he has... it would nice to know the man without the drama

Anonymous said...

The only good thing he ever did: Fire a Khardashian from his show for drunken driving.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, whether you are Republican or Democrat, watching this guy is like watching a bad rerun of the Bozo show.

cyndi said...

We don't have fox news on dish so i'm hoping i can find someplace that streams.