Thursday, August 06, 2015

Gimenez PAC: Miami Dade Residents First. By Geniusofdespair

I am waiting for this month's report to come out. Over the months, we can see the contributions are getting harder to wring out of people. Let's see if there is a turn around this month for Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

So far this PAC has raised $1,235,952 and spent almost $200,000.


Anonymous said...

Lots of money from vendors, billboard lobbyists and real estate developers who want favors from Carlos Gimenez.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much of that money is going to be utilized by our mayor to pay campaign manager Al Lorenzo and his ilk for the collection of illicit absentee ballots at senior centers and healthcare clinics for the elderly. Irain Gonzalez has passed so he is no longer a factor but plenty of other corrupt wannabes in the area willing to take his money to steal the election once again. Guess Kathy Fernandez Rundle is in a pickle. Don't think she can survive a similar scandal this time around.