Friday, June 19, 2015

Tomorrow's Big Sugar Summit IS About Your Life, Your Personal Health and the Health of Your Families ... by gimleteye

Learn at the Big Sugar Summit how Big Sugar contributes to costs that individuals and families bear related to public health and diet. Here's is what has to say:
The global food system should confer societal wellness. Both are in a tailspin. Childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes are ravaging families and communities worldwide.

Who is responsible? The processed food industry says, “Simply eat less and exercise more.” They say consumers are to blame. But the science doesn’t support this myth. Because in order for us to be “responsible,” we need knowledge, we need access, and we need affordable food.

The processed food industry has saturated our environment with consumable chemicals that are making us sick. Childhood obesity has become tragically common while the processed food industry generates $450 billion annually.

75% of health care costs are for preventable, diet-related illness, costing $1.4 trillion a year. A crisis of this magnitude demands a public response that involves scientific research, nutrition education, and changes in public policy and law.
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cyndi said...

Most doctors have no clue about sugar, inflammation, and the relationship to their diseases.

Geniusofdespair said...

As a respected sugar addict, I eat a ton of it, I am not so sure I want to know. I gave up the harder drugs, I even gave up drinking but sugar it is my life. What can I do it has its hooks in me.

Anonymous said...

You have to go off sugar the way you would with heroin. Either cold turkey or titrate down with artificials. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Big Sugar billionaires are in the same category as Colombia cartel chiefs.

cyndi said...

Genuis. I think you'll surprised at how much sugar your eating that your not aware of. One of the issues with every one eating low fat is low fat is high sugar and its sugar that's the demon. No one's saying give up your Hershey bars.
Don't feel bad. I tried to explain to my doctor why peanut and jelly on white are not heart healthy and I think he probably put " wing nut" in my chart.