Friday, May 01, 2015

What do readers really think about the Florida legislature shutdown and Gov. Rick Scott? ... by gimleteye

I know a lot of our readers are Republican.

What I don't know, is how our Republican readers feel about the fact that despite the GOP control of the executive office and legislature, our state government is more broken now than it has ever been.

We could say "we told you so", but that would be either uncharitable or too charitable.

At least the state senate is no longer advertising on Cate Communication's daily newsclip service, a banner proclaiming its chief character quality: "Courage under fire".

As an environmentalist, it seems the state legislature can get nothing right. The less opportunity for mischief might be finally realized by disbanding the government altogether.

Could it be also that the GOP conviction that the least government is the best government is fulfilled by a Florida legislature that just goes home?


Anonymous said...

Courage under fire by a circling firing squad?

Geniusofdespair said...

I cringe when they meet. "Do no harm" is my saying. If they are not there they can't pass their insane bills. They should stop meeting altogether. This is a good move by Republicans in the House. Go home and stay home.

cyndi said...

At first I was sad but now I'm glad. That miserable water bill is off the table. They did more good leaving than staying.
What happens if they don't come back?

Anonymous said...

I am a republican and dislike the grand majority of the elected officials in the state , what I can't understand is where are the moderates like when Charlie crist was governor ??? The issue here is corporations and lobbyists and these sugar industry assholes control everything and no one has the balls to tell them to kiss my ass . But I agree a change is needed and quickly before all is lost .

Anonymous said...

I also blame every person in the state including myself for not making a large environmental movement and force them to listen or pay a political price , but people are idiots and continue to vote in the same people who screw everyone over .

Jan said...

These elected officials ... Reps and Dems ... should be staying on the floor until 1-2-3:00 AM to get this done! I've watched many sessions on this year and was appalled at how they watch the clock. Crucial bills that the public wanted a say in, were put on the docket at 11:30am and time for public testimony was limited to 30 secs in some cases. That is absurd! The public elected these "lawmakers" to work for THEM, the public NEEDS to be heard! Now, they not only make sure they don't miss lunch but they walk out 3 days early. Tallahassee is a joke run by the Koch-backed AFP political machine!

Anonymous said...

The answer is so obvious.
It's all Obama's fault.

Anonymous said...

Speaker of the House of Representatives is You can't use his state page to contact him unless you are in his district. But since he is the Speaker of the House, things are different.

Anonymous said...

Obama did it.